9ct gold 14ct 18ct etc how do you know

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hi welcome to my review on stamps on gold

so you have searched the ebay site found your item now what

well lets start all genuine gold is stamped by law to prove to the general customer that it has been assayed at the assay office in simple terms that it has the gold content its supposed to have per gram  eg 375 parts gold 625 parts other material = 9ct gold

so lets start does 8ct gold exist the answer yes normally comes from germany actually illegal in this country to sell as gold

9ct gold as above comes in different colours yellow rose white etc but hows it done very simple actually the rose gold is actually 375 parts gold and 625 parts copper

white gold is 375 parts gold 625 parts silver unless 18ct talk about that later

14ct gold is 485 parts gold rest mixed a higher carat normally from america etc and most turkish spanish holiday resorts easy to tell difference from 9ct by the colours

18ct gold 750 parts gold rest mixed used in exspensive jewellery basically if you have diamond looking stones on 18ct they probaly are as a rule of thumb 18ct white gold is 750 parts gold mixed in 250 parts platinum a rarer metal than gold if you get 18ct gold the silver coloured metal will be platinum not silver 18ct gold has a very yellow lustre to it can be very confused with plated

22ct to 24ct gold is more exspensive and is usally from indian origin as they tend to go for pure gold very yellow and very soft it is also found in bullion eg sovereigns krugerands  special royal mint coins and solid gold bars held in fort knox this is basically purest gold and at £10.00 a gram most exspensive a sovereign half weighs 4 gram worth £40 full sovereign £80 on ebay all day long

so i have found a chain with 375 on is it gold not so fast 9 times out of 10 yes but might be plated or a batch number a few of these was doing the rounds a bit back

750 stamped on a ring is it gold same again these have been doing the rounds and on the pictures look like a brass colour and turned out to be brass most fakes will have a dullish apperance where as real gold as a lovely lustre to it the brass will have a cancker smell to it where as gold doesnt but most important of all gold does not stick to a magnet see other guide for more details

so rule of thumb if its stamped and hallmarked with date letter etc and makers mark it will be more than likely to be real gold there is a lot of single marks 750 and 375 marks which does not mean thats what it is by from some one reputable and trustworthy check there score etc irecently was going to buy a chain and tested it fully stamped etc looked the part nice and heavy just a bit of colour from expereince i could tell something was wrong so i filed a bit down and found it to be heavily gold plated and that was from a sheffield jewellers so be warned

so you want to sell gold how first get it weighed it saves messing about and the experienced buyer can make quick judgement straight away to the price they will pay etc no weight leaves doubt lowers price for you 

 if your unsure its not real gold state that saves hassle later tell the buyer what you can see marks date letters stamps etc poudland sell magnifying kits it will make you money for an investment for a pound

when selling gold put gold in the title state 9ct gold   not 9k 9kt 9carat 9carrat 9ctgold etc it will cost you money state what the items are i have seen listings like a bit of gold  gold chain couple of rings etc all costing you money always send recorded delivery dont penny pinch it is not worth on exspensive items if you send they sign simple no arguments if you like this guide read my other and vote for it please any advice or help drop me a message

general amazing infomation

The gold stored in the Depository is in the form of standard mint bars of almost pure gold or coin gold bars resulting from the melting of gold coins. These bars are about the size of an ordinary building brick, but are somewhat smaller. The approximate dimensions are 7 x 3-5/8 x 1-3/4 inches. The fine gold bars contain approximately 400 troy ounces of gold,  The avoirdupois weight of the bars is about 27-1/2 pounds. now thats heavy for the size

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