A guide to laminating pouches, Laminating & Laminators

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Backed by poular demand, and with a wish for everyone to be brought up to speed with the ever so interesting world of lamination I have wrote this section to explain the rudimentaties of buying pouches and types of laminators!


Firstly there are 2 types of laminating pouch finish matt or gloss, the latter being the more popular (and the cheaper) we sell both and unless the item states matt in the title it will be gloss.


A baffling word which is basically a measurement of thickness. The higher the micron the thicker the sheet, and so the more rigid the finishwhen laminated. There are 2 essential measurements per sheet and per pouch readings these typically range from 75-125 per sheet and 150-250 per pouch. A good quality machine (like my Q connect or GBC or Rexel) will laminate up to 250 microns but always read the guide that came with your machine to make sure as many cheap Mickey mouse ones will only do up to 160 micron.

Hot and Cold

My pouches work on all hot laminators. Cold laminators require cold laminating pouches these machines are cheap as the do not have a heating element, but be wary pouches are alot more expensive and harder to find.


DON'T ALWAYS BUY THE CHEAPEST! All my pouches are top quality this means you are guaranteed excellent results everytime, buy cheap pouches elsewhere and run the risk of ruining your work or worse ruining your laminator. Buy mine with confidence that as long as you adhere to the laminator machine guidelines this will not happen!
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These are some basic ways to fix common problems with your machine:
Crinkly laminating, firstly turn down the heat of your machine if its adjustable, if notbuy thicker pouches.
Laminating pouches are sticking in the machine, get a carrier. Very few machines these days require a carrier, this is just a piece of cardthat you pop the pouch in which helps the transit of the sheets through the machine. Although I do not sell these they sometimes come in packs of pouches, failing that ask the vendor of the machine or make one out of 2 sheets of card glued at one end. Nb if your machine is a Mickey mouse one there may be no cure for either of these problems, in that case I can only recommend you buy a descent one from my shop and throw your existing laminator in the bin!
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MATT Pouches I sell:
80 micron 160 in total in A5, A4 AND A3 IN 100'S
100 micron 200 in total in A5, A4 AND A3 IN 100'S
125 micron 250 in total in ID SMALL, ID LARGE IN 200'S
125 micron 250 in total in A5, A4 AND A3 IN 100'S
I do sell some bulk lots too if required.
GLOSS Pouches I sell:
A4 AND A3 IN 25 AND 100'S
My Pouches

We now sell Q Laminating pouches in Matt sticky back pouches and seld laminating ID badges or luggage tags with clips too

As a rule the more the micron the thicker and therefore the more rigid the finished product will be. Thinner (75 micron) pouches are marginally less expensive but are inferior to my view and so I'd avoid selling them unless specifically requested.

I hope you find this guide useful as it took me ages to type it out!! Please show your support by buying my pouches. My Pouches

Feel free to email me with queries

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