Advice On iPhone 4/4S LCD Digitzer Screen Replacement

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So you have managed to damage your iPhone screen ? and depending on the damage you will have smashed the GLASS DIGITIZER or the LCD Screen Behind it too ? So where do you go from here ? 

Well...... You can go to your nearest apple store and they will be very happy to help you out, simply pay the £140 replacement charge and your sorted.... Or you could "have a look on eBay" 

So your looking to buy a new LCD/digitizer assembly for the iPhone 4 or 4S. Looking on eBay and the prices vary from £18 to £50. You know you need to buy the whole assembly ( LCD and digitizer) together. and your just wondering which to get and what the differences are and how do you know what I'm getting (other than making sure I'm buying from reputable seller.

Heres the Answer :
Most of the difference is in the manufacturing process and what grade of screens you are being sold. If you are not going to purchase the high priced Original Manufactured Screen en you always take a chance whenever you purchase anything aftermarket. But this is not to say you will have bad luck with less expensive parts, if it is a reputable seller and if they offer a money back guarantee.
  Always ask questions ahead of the purchase, obviously you need to know hat model you have 4/4S but some people have handsets that are a different type of 4, the best way to check this is on the apple website if you are iin doubt, you will get an idea from there. Make sure you have some kind of idea if you can return the parts, if they are not to your liking or not the correct fit. The other issue here is that quality control can really vary. Some of the aftermarket parts are not very well inspected. That is why the more expensive parts usually offer a warranty. 

The parts we sell at bemble001 are of high quality, and the we stand behind our parts and offer great after sales support and advice.
The connectors are the same for the digitizer and LCD and the screen will function properly between the models but the parts are physically different and will not fit either way. The sensor layout is also different which would cause the phone to not work properly. The home button is also different. The LCD and Digitizers come fused together on the iPhone 4 just like the 4S, it is not possible to separate these parts without damaging the components that means you cannot replace just the digitizer or the LCD individually, you have to replace the entire assembly. 

So once you know what model you have simply go to the relevant seller  :) -  Here

Choose the LCD you need and get it fitted, it is important that if you have no experience with phones electronics or repairs that you have a professional do this because you may end up damaging the component, they are very delicate and precision engineered also more importantly you would then void your warranty or return policy with who ever you purchased from so be careful !! 

Thanks For Reading .

Below is how to tell what iPhone 4 you have :

The model number on the back cover is: 
A1349 on the iPhone 4 (CDMA model)
A1332 on the iPhone 4 (GSM model)

The front and back surfaces are flat and made of glass.
There is a stainless steel band around the edges.
The volume up and down buttons are marked with a "+" and "-" sign.

The GSM model has a SIM tray on the right side that holds a "third form factor" (3FF) micro-SIM card.
The CDMA model does not have a SIM tray.

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