Alli diet tablets

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     (60mg hard caps';Orlistat)


                           I am not the richest person & never have much money to spare BUT feel I definately have not wasted my money!!!!!!

 And I'm not the sorta person that usually uses diet anything but i have noticed every winter I gain a couple of Lbs & then it takes me to the next winter to  shift it.

Also I am a type 1 diabetic , & one of the main problems with diabetes aswell as the obvious is the fact that the body has a job to get rid of absolutely any fat you eat & that most of this weight is carried around the middle,.

 Well this made me think, ALLI is designed to stop the body absorbing some of the fat you eat!


                                   It works!!!!!!

 At first I only took 1 at tea time as this is my most fatty meal, then as the winter became perishing I was eating more so took 1 at lunch too.

This I couldnt keep up as I did have some bleeding ,

Now heres the tip for that; about 5 or 6 weeks only take 1 aday then if you need to build up from there, (you can only take 3 aday anyway)

as time goes by the symptoms seem to lessen( this is just an account of my findings on me, this may not be the same for everyone else!!)

I'm now on 1 aday or 2 where nessassary, & I did at the beginning also have slight stomach cramps which have also gone.

                       Just remember to read the instructions carefully,
                                  I DEFINATELY RECOMMEND
             and in my oppinion definately for diebetics as i,m now on less insulin

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