Alpecin Shampoo Reviews - Best to Worst Hair Growth Shampoos

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Looking for the ideal hair growth shampoo that will at least help maintain your current hair (and thickness), or help improve hair growth on your scalp is important for many men and women today; speaking of which, the Alpecin shampoo has come under scrutiny many times, that people looking for Alpecin shampoo reviews often get disheartened when they find out what that the Alpecin shampoo is, and does for hair. 

The problem with the Alpecin Shampoo, and many other similar caffeine based shampoos, is that they are not created for resolving the problem - The Alpecin shampoo does make hair appear thicker - but this is temporary effect which is because the hair gets saturated with various ingredients designed to make hair look thicker - but for actual hair growth, and real hair thickening, it does nothing for that, in-fact, it could make hair worse off because it may cause inflammation. 

Inflammation is the actual biological process that makes the hair follicle shrivel up and stop producing hair - so even if your problem is DHT related, or genetic hair loss, or stress hair loss - they all in cause inflammation, which then causes the hair loss (among other diseases). 

Does the Alpecin shampoo help resolve this issue?

As explained - the Alpecin shampoo only makes the hair appear to look better, but this is because oil based ingredients make hair look thicker if done right - that is why people have complained about hair drying out after washing - this happens because the ingredients in it lock in the moisture (which is not a good thing in this specific case) making the hair strand thicker for a few hours, and drying the external, so it does not give a wet look. 

Some people don't mind having a temporary solution and are not as bothered with their hair falling out - so they are usually happy about this - whilst some who are looking to resolve the hair problem - they need to realize it takes a lot more effort to regrow hair. 

So, what are the best hair growth shampoos that actually help with the source of the problem and not artificially enhance appearance?

You can use other products to help with hair growth - but you have to remember, buying products alone is not helpful if you don't improve your diet, and especially start exercising at a better regular rate (it helps not only detox the body, but unclogs the smaller blood vessels for improving circulation and allowing better production of hair) - scalp massage does this at a local level on the head, helping hair growth improve over a period of 3 months. 

When all that is taken care of, then you can use products to super-charge your regime with the oil for scalp called the Taoist Soap:

The Taoist Soap  - designed to target inflammation, scalp detox and much more - Supplies for this are always limited, as the ingredients on making it are very hard to get. The ingredients are so pure, that the oil is even edible - yet powerful enough to start working from the first day in stopping inflammation - be it for hair loss, or skin problems (don't worry, it won't grow hair on the wrong places if applied on the face and body - it simply does not work that way). 

The ingredients of the Taoist soap are so hard to locate, increasing the cost per soap - only locals that live in the area know about it - which is the strangest thing in today's modern world of knowledge being available online, these kind of situations still take place. 

It does last very long, and daily use is strongly suggested for this - using scalp massage to further aid to the de-calcification of the scalp. 

That said - you cannot rely on one aspect and expect great hair growth results - you need to understand that this is a problem that needs to be tackled on many levels - one level is locally, another level is mental (are you stressed more than healthy levels?) as well as the correct amount of nutrition and diet going in your body. 

Even if you are taking correct nutrients in your body; you may not be absorbing them because your body has been too abused from previous bad eating habits - to resolve this, bone soup is an ideal way to do this, as it helps restore the stomach with its proper acidity levels and enzymes so the body can absorb more nutrients from food than it could before. 

I wish you well in your health and well being.