Anti Bark Electric Static Shock Dog Collar No Barking

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I have a miniture pinscher who love nothing more than barking. Although this bugged me I had kind of become immune to it, although recently he had started getting me and my partner up at all hours of the night with his constant barking in his kennel. He stays in the garden or his kennel throughout the day while we are out, so no doubt his incessant barking was annoying the neighbours too, but the push came when he stayed at my parents for the weekend and drove them mad.

I never wanted to resort to an electric collar as thought it was a bit harsh, but this product is excellent.

I put the collar on him initially without the battery and he was fine, but as soon as he started non-stop barking i put the battery in. The first shock is quite difficult to witness as it made my dog scream, which activated the shock even more! However, he immediately learned.

Now he is practically mute in comparison.

He lets out one bark and as soon as he hears the tone he stops immediately. This has worked wonders. it has saved my ears, my neighbours, and my plants where he no longer jumps up the fence, as there is no point when you cant bark as well!!

I recommend this product to anyone.

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