Apple Iphone Wholesale Buyers Guide

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1) IPhones do not come cheap! Anyone offering you silly prices is likely to be a scammer.

2) You CANNOT buy the new Iphone 6 handsets whether 16GB or 64GB for $200, $300 or even $400. At the time of writing the current market rate for wholesale purchases for a new sim free Iphone 5S 16GB handset is around $600 - $700 PER UNIT. Anyone offering prices way below these is either a scammer or a liar!

3) You CANNOT buy new Apple Iphones in bulk from China no ifs or buts you just can't! Scammers prey on human greed & lack of knowledge as most people think "well if they are made in China they must be easily available there", that is incorrect - Point 4 below explains further.

4) Apple has a strict chain of distribution & a huge point to note is there are NO official authorised apple wholesalers therefore you must purchase through a trader or distributor such as ourselves. There may be a chain of people involved in the procurement of the handsets before you, therefore at each point in this chain the price will increase!

5) Demand for new Iphones in particular outstrips supply therefore prices are normally artificially high, DONT expect to pay much below the retail price for wholesale purchases.

6) Massive quantities are very rare, be wary of anyone offering 1000's of units as most likely they are not available or if they are a long chain of brokers will be involved. If you really think you have the capital to buy massive numbers in excess of a couple of hundred units contact Apple themselves!

7) T/T (telegraphic transfer) or BACS (bank transfer) payment is normal when dealing in the wholesale mobile phone market. The only time you maybe offered L/C is for large volume orders in excess of 500 units. So PLEASE don't expect to pay cash, paypal or escrow!

8) You are not going to obtain superb prices for small orders i.e. 10, 20 or even 40 + orders - 5 phones is NOT a wholesale order! You will be offered (by genuine suppliers) a small discount for volume purchases; by volume we mean 50 + units.

9) Profit margins on new Apple products are notoriously small; depending on your route to market you may make anything from 1-25% per handset, with the average closer to single figures. There are currently 3 types of Iphone on the market locked, never locked/sim free & software unlocked. The term factory unlocked means "never locked/sim free now these are the most expensive & the hardest to source.

10) You are NOT going to make millions of pounds, dollars or euros by trying to buy these phones to sell on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. The big money is made on volume purchases.

11) Please, please, please STOP trying to find iphones, ipads or anything Apple for ridiculous prices you will only end up getting scammed - TRUST ME!

12) Ensure you thoroughly verify any potential supplier. If you don't know how to do this then please do not even bother trying to "dip your toe" into the mobile phone market!

For the basis of clarity the above post is directed towards the purchase of NEW Apple products whether Iphones, Ipads or other Apple products.

Iphone buyers please note:

We can supply you with GENUINE locked, software unlocked or factory unlocked iphones so why not drop us a line?!
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