Argos Electronic Gift Vouchers (EGVs)

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Argos have recently brought out a new type of gift voucher, known as an Electronic Gift Voucher (EGV). I know a fair bit about how this new voucher works, so thought it best to share my knowledge with other eBay users to avoid disappointment when buying one...


These are designed to offer a greater flexibility to customers, and can be used as full or part payment for an in-store transaction. If there is more on the card then the amount due, then you receive a new voucher, which has the remainder on it, so you never lose-out.

Before the vouchers can be used, they need to be activated through a till (where a payment for them is required), although the vouchers are freely available for customers to pick up and hand to the cashier.

These vouchers are now becoming quite popular on eBay. So how do you distinguish a real voucher (i.e. one which has been activated) from one which has not?

Firstly, a voucher will have details printed on the back by a cashier at the store. These are the ISS Number (A 6 digit number which identifies the voucher (this is for Argos' use), the EXP DATE (expiry date of the voucher) and the VALUE (Printed as VALUE GBP x.xx) This information is on the reverse of the voucher, and most sellers will insert a picture of this side of the voucher into the auction listing.

Advice when buying Argos EGV's through eBay

>Look carefully at the voucher- is the information printed? If not, or it's handwritten, don't trust it unless the seller can provide you with a receipt showing they purchased the voucher.

>Is there a photo of the back of the voucher? If not, carefully read the auction details- does it seem a bit suspect?

>Have a look at the seller's feedback- Have they had transactions like this before?

>Find out why the seller is selling the voucher- especially if it is a large amount

>Look out for strange amounts, such as £33.68- Most sellers will say this is a 'refund'- try and obtain proof

>Check the payment instructions- Using PayPal is much safer. See their buyer protection policies for more info.


I hope this information is usefull, and that you don't end up buying a phony voucher!

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