Army ration packs, are they for you.

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Hello and welcome to my guide for Army Ration packs.

The Army Ration pack is an item issued to British troops when they are out on exercise (jobs away from any form of built up area where buying a meal or being cooked for is not going to happen) or in a war zone.

The British army ration pack is designed to keep a fit and active person going with enough calories for a twenty four hour period.

As a result, the British army ration pack does not skip on the calories, last time I looked an entire box packs over 4000 calories of energy.

This is based on the fact that you would consume everything within the box, which is rare in real world conditions.

A ration pack is an ideal item to purchase for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits or festivals, purely because of what you actually get for your money, on Ebay at present a ration pack typically goes for around £8 - £12, which sounds expensive, but if you look at what you will get for your money, it is cheap.

Contents of a typical ration pack are the following :-

3 foil packed meals, 8 sachets of instant tea, 4 sachets of instant coffee, 4 sachets of coffee whitener, 6 sachets of sugar (10g per sachet), chocolate bar or kendal mint cake, packets of biscuits, a tin of meat pate or chesse spread, boiled sweets, waterproof matches, water purifying tablets, 1 sachet of energy powder, something similar to bovril but in powdered form, tissues, chewing gum, oatmeal block (large oat biscuit), sachet of soup, sachet of hot chocolate

I am sure there could be more contents but that's what I remember of the old school packs.

Tip :- Older generation boxes have 8 different choices, newer generation have 20 different choices

All that for £8 to £12, if you go into an outdoor activity shop, 1 of the foil packed meals will cost between £3 to £5.

These ration packs are ideal for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits or festivals, being a former motorcycle festival attender, there was something comforting about having meals in my luggage that were safe and easy to heat up, festival food can be dodgy and expensive, in comparsion these ration pack are cheap and durable, there long shelf life of 5 years means that if you don't use them the first time, they will odds on be more than good enough for your next festival or outing, admittedly instant tea and coffee in sachet form has gone along vastly over the past ten years, but the sachets provided in these packs are robust and still enjoyable.

Highly recommended for any festival attender, camping where luggage space is a premium or outdoor activities in general.
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