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Hair extensions can be hard to get ahold of depending on the area in which you live but there's always the option of buying online. Ebay is a fairly good way to get inexpensive low grade hair. However, sometimes it is unsafe unless you know a lot about hair extensions as you can get ripped off really easily since you aren't seeing the hair in person and you don't know exactly what COLOUR, LENGTH, AMOUNT, QUALITY etc hair you are going to recieve through the post.

I've been working with hair extensions for years and consider myself pretty ebay literate and informed on this topic. So here are a few pointers for buying wefted hair extensions over ebay:

  • Always make sure the item description states the WIDTH of the weft as well as the length. Any less than 3.5 feet of hair will NOT be enough for a full head. You should pay NO MORE than £30 for this amount of hair unless it is of European grade (£300+).
  • Make sure the action states HUMAN hair or you could recieve low quality, cheap plastic or synthetic hair which usually cannot withstand heat and will melt as well as look overly-shiny and fake.
  • Check the description stated DOUBLE WEFTED or DOUBLE DENSITY the hair will be too THIN. Hair comes double wefted meaning there are two rows sewn together to create the thickness required. Lots of sellers are now cutting through the stitching and not stating it so as to double their profit margins, leaving you looking silly with only half a head of hair in the process. Some of them also give silly excuses like "that's how the hair came from the manufacturer" or "some batches are like this in which case we will supply more than 3.5 feet to make up for it". THAT IS UTTER RUBBISH! ALL hair should be double wefted as that is how it is made so don't be overly impressed by sellers claiming with fancy words that their hair is superior due to it being double wefted and, therefore, you should pay slightly more for them than other sellers- that's a lie.
  • The length in inches of the weft are almost always of an even number unless the weft has been cut. For example, lengths usually start at about 6" then go up in twos 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" etc. However, because of the way the ends of the hair are cut there can be a difference of 2 inches in the length. For example, for 14" hair there may be a small ratio of 14" hair and be lots of hairs in the weft that are only 12". However, it will be blended well so as to be un-noticable. However, this means you should buy hair 2" longer if you need an EXACT length.
  • In reference to the last point, if a seller lists hair as 15" inches, for example, it may possibly only be 14" but they have exaggerated a tiny amount in the hope that you will not notice in order to sell the hair at a higher price. If you measure the hair and it comes up short send a polite email explaining this and request some new hair of the length stated.
  • Lots of people sell clip in sections of weft- make sure there is a full head before you buy (3.5 feet+) otherwise you will find yourself having to buy not only one set but two or three, costing you 3 times the price. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a bunch of hair extension clips, you shouldn't need any more thqan 12 and you can find them for about 50p-£1.00 each on ebay. Then you can buy a full, uncut weft of hair and cut it to your own lengths and sew on the clips. There are many guides to this online and it can save you A LOT of money.
  • Lots of sellers advertise hair as REMY or GRADE A. Grade A hair in the hair extension industry can mean every single grade these days- everybody has their own idea of grade A. Most of the hair over ebay I consider more like grade C. Remy just means it's human hair, though some sellers come up with a much more fantastical meaning of the word. The hair is under a few hundred pounds it's only £30 hair, don't pay crazy prices because the description states the hair is SUPERIOR unless you really KNOW what you are buying. If you are looking for hair that does not tangle you need CUTICLE CORRECT hair (can set you back a few hundred pounds) or VIRGIN HAIR (can set you back as much as a few thousand pounds- russian hair expecially!)
  • Make sure you buy the correct colour, your hairdresser can probably tell you which colour you need or if you need a blend of two colours, don't just look at the picture and presume because photos can make colour look inaccurate.
  • If you get sent the wrong colour/length arrange a refund or exchange with the seller, don't just leave bad feedback, it's probably just an honest mistake. If it happens more than once with the same seller it may be worth writing an email of complaint and suggesting they take more care when sending out items. Don't return to the seller if you feel the mistake will still happen again.
  • Lastly, ALWAYS read the feedback. And not just the first page either. Go back and find any negatives and read them so as to determine what other buyers were unsatisfied with. These will usually hint at one particular area such as the quality or incorrect item description. If more than a couple of people are having issues, alarm bells should be ringing and you should avoid the seller. Recently ebay has changed it's policy in order to allow buyers to leave more honest feedback without the overhead threat of recieveing neagtive themselves, having done nothing wrong except exposing the seller in their true colours. This should allow for you, now, to see easily the comments left and determine yourself if the quality is good enough for you.

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