Baby Einstein DVD Set.

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I'd like to recommend a great set of DVD's for babies.
I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the Baby Einstein range of toys, my toddler has an amazing collection! From the Discover and Play activity centre to the books, rattles and soft toys that play a great variety of classical music... they are brightly coloured and have mixed textures, perfect for little hands.

I have always been a stickler for age appropriate, educational but fun toys, I've never been one of those parents that stick their child in front of the TV... until I discovered the Baby Einstein DVD's!!

I got a free promotional DVD in a baby magazine, so I put it on to see what it was all about and I was well impressed!!

They describe the Baby Einstein DVD's as an "interactive board book", which I would say is a pretty accurate description.
They range in age from about 3 months to 12 months plus, my darling son absolutely loves them!
Some of them have a black background and have objects such as an apple or a moving toy on the screen for long enough to catch baby's attention but not to long as to bore them. There are little comedy clips with puppet characters and educational and stimulating pictures and various themes, all backed by a classical music score.
It is great for baby to enjoy with parents and when little one is toddling, they will enjoy dancing along to the music and pointing out the things they recognise.
I am very impressed with the variety in the boxed set of 26 DVD's, they range from colours, shapes, numbers, first words, poetry, language, music and much more.

The puppet characters are fantastic and add a bit of humour which my toddler finds hilarious. Each DVD lasts for approximately half an hour so baby doesn't get bored... in fact my little one was mesmerised even at 3 moths old!

The titles are;
Baby Bach Musical Adventure,
Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun,
Baby Da Vinci From Head to Toe,
Baby Galileo Discovering The Sky,
Baby MacDonald A Day On The Farm,
Baby Mozart Music Festival,
Baby Neptune Discovering Water,
Baby Newton Discovering Shapes,
Baby Santa's Music Box,
Baby Shakespeare World of Poetry,
Baby Van Gogh World of Colours,
Language Nursery,
Neighbourhood Animals,
Numbers Nursery Numbers 1-5,
World Animals A Musical Safari,
Baby Noah,
Baby Monet Discovering The Seasons,
Baby Wordsworth,
On the Go- Riding, Sailing & Soaring,
Meet the Orchestra, First Instruments,
Baby's favourite Places- First Words Around Town,
Baby's First Moves, My First Signs, See & Sign With Baby,
Discovering Shapes, Circles, Squares & More,
Baby's First Sounds, Lullaby Time,
Soothing Sounds for Baby.

I recommend these DVD's for any parent or carer of young babies and toddlers.
I would rate them a great 10/10!

(there is also a new range coming soon for toddlers called Einstein Pals and there is a range for older children called Little Einsteins)
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