Bouncy Castle Repair Kit Buying Guide

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Bouncy Castle Repair Kit Buying Guide

The stalwart of any children’s party, bouncy castles are great fun for people of any age. However with the strain put on them by all the bouncing, the castle frequently suffer tears, rips and punctures – and with the wealth of different repair items, kits and services available; choosing the ideal product to fix the problem can be a time-consuming and perplexing task.

This guide will provide advice on buying repair items and repair kits, as well as advice on repair services available on eBay.

Bouncy Castle Repair Items:


Patches - made out of PVC or vinyl (the same materials as bouncy castles) and in a variety of bright colours, the patches cover up any holes in the bouncy castle.

  • Advantages: Bright and unobtrusive, patches are the most frequently used way of repairing bouncy castle
  • Disadvantages: The patch only covers the damage, it does not repair it, so the tear or puncture might widen underneath the patch. Patches are also not very good in awkward corners.


Glue – strong adhesive is often used in conjunction with patches to cover up holes in bouncy castles.

  • Advantages: Another stalwart of the bouncy castle industry, glues advertised are ideal for use with PVC.
  • Disadvantages: As the glue is used in combination with patches, it is not strong enough to mend holes on its own.


Needles – in the same manner as glue, needles are used to sew patches down and to repair tears along the original sewn seams of the castle.
  • Advantages: Ideal for repairing seams in the castle, and in tricky corners more versatile than patches.
  • Disadvantages: An experienced sewing hand is needed not to worsen damage or tear new holes, and sewing through PVC can be difficult.

Nylon Thread

Nylon Thread – along with needles, thread is used to repair seams and patches.

  • Advantages: Ideal for repairing seams in the castle.
  • Disadvantages: Heavy duty thread is needed, and sewing PVC can be extremely difficult. Thread often comes in large spools and is more costly than glue.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Repair Patch

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Repair Patch – a type of patch that includes an adhesive underside, so it can be pasted over damage.

  • Advantages: Stronger than regular patches and glue, it is also see-through to prevent clashing with the colour of the bouncy castle.
  • Disadvantages: More costly than regular patches and glue.

Vinyl Cement and PVC Swatch

Vinyl Cement and PVC Swatch – similar to patches and glue, the cement is targeted for use with vinyl and PVC.

  • Advantages: Ideal for use with vinyl, the cement is extremely strong and waterproof.
  • Disadvantages: Only a small amount of cement is included, and is therefore more costly than glue.

With these various methods of bouncy castle repair available, it is up to the buyer to decide what repair items they do or will need, how much they are willing to pay and what method of repair would be ideal for them.

Bouncy Castle Repair Kits

Items for bouncy castle repairs are available to buy individually or as a kit or bundle, and kits are often priced far more competitively than they would be if the buyer bought each item separately. Items which go together are frequently sold together (for example, patches and glue, needles and thread), with some items being included complimentarily – e.g. free patches being included with glue. Some kits available on eBay are:

  • Needle and awl kit – including needles, thread, and an awl for making holes in the fabric of the bouncy castle to make sewing repair easier.
  • Patches and glue – the most commonly available kits, they include a selection of patches in different colours and a strong adhesive. Some patches are included free with purchases of glue, but buyer will need to check with sellers on offers.
  • Full repair kits – a full kit including patches, needles, thread and glue, these are the best way to get all the required items for any kind of repair work, and altogether the items are priced extremely competitively.

Bouncy castle repair kits make a very cost-effective alternative to buying each individual item, and are a quick way of building up the items needed in the care and running of a bouncy castle.

If buying a bundle or kit, looking at the photograph and description provided should give the buyer an indication of what they are buying. However, if the buyer is not certain they should make sure to ask the seller what exactly is being offered so there is no confusion or trouble between buyer and seller.

Bouncy Castle Repair Services

Advertised on eBay along with bouncy castle repair items and kits are repair services,, where buyers can send off their bouncy castles for repairs by professionals rather than attempting to do repairs themselves.

These services are ideal for those who are not confident about their repair skills, if they cannot locate the damage or are unsure about what the problem with the bouncy castle is. Repair services will typically perform many tasks from hole and tear repair to replacing and fixing the stitching of the bouncy castle.

Engaging a company to fix a problem will naturally cost more than repairing the bouncy castle yourself, and costs will vary depending on the company, repair required and size of the bouncy castle, and it is for the buyer to decide if the cost is worth the problem resolution.

Repair services are available at a range of prices, and it is up to the buyer to decide the location, cost and service that would suit them. It is advisable to check customer reviews of services, and to decide if the value of the service is worth the cost. Buying repair services is the same as buying any other item on eBay, though often repair services are limited to collection only.

Buying Bouncy Castle Repair Kits on eBay

Buying bouncy castle repair items, kits and services on eBay is a great way to collect all the items needed for repair, either for instant use or in preparation for future emergency repairs. There is a huge range of items for purchase on eBay that may be harder to find in brick and mortar stores, and with competitive pricing and kit and bundles on offer, online is the perfect way to shop. When buying repair kits, the buyer should consider:


Some repair kits and items will be costlier than others, and in bundles prices will vary dramatically depending on the amount of items or the cost of the items included. Deciding on a budget is an easy way to narrow down the many choices available, as well as make the choice of purchasing at Auction or Buy It Now..

Which Repair Item

With the various methods of repair available, buyer should review the items listed above and decide which item suits them and their bouncy castle. Depending on circumstances they may need only one item or a bundle, and choosing the best item for them will make tailoring search results that much easier. Searches for particular items can be conducted through the search bar and the search options function.


Different repair kits and items are made for different tasks, with needles suitable for small work and patches and glue necessary for large tears. Having items or kits for all size repairs is a good idea, though if the buyer wishes to do an immediate repair job that working out what size repair items they will need to essential to finding the ideal item.

Buyer Reviews

This is in particular to repair services, but it is a good idea for buyers to examine the reviews of sellers and their items. Seller Reviews can be found on their page, and checking the item or service reviews online can give the buyer a better idea of what to expect and if the item is right for them.

Local Sellers 

Looking for sellers locally will keep shipping costs down as well as ensuring a quicker shipping time. Bouncy castle repair services are often collection-only, and therefore it is worth looking for local services on eBay to prevent a long journey.

If the buyer is in more need of advice on eBay searches, the Search Tips page provides guidance on all aspects of searching eBay, including search options, search operators and shortcuts. If the buyer is unsure about any of the items advertised on eBay, they are advised to Ask the Seller any questions they may have.


Whether buying items to repair an immediate problem or buying in preparation, the extensive range and types of repair items can be confusing to those without any expertise in the subject on vinyl or PVC repairs. This eBay guide will help you identify, search for and choose the ideal repair kit for you at a price for more competitive than a brick and mortar store.

When buying repair items on eBay, the buyer should keep in mind the added benefits of paying using PayPal.. As well as being quick and easy, PayPal has added security benefits with eBay Buyer Protection,, and is eBay’s most advised way to pay.