Building a separate Hi-Fi system

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Building a separate Hi-Fi system

What you need and what they are.


Amplifiers are the heart of your hi-fi system, every component feeds in to the amp and feeds it to your speakers. A receiver combines an amp and radio within one box.

Use a good chunk of your budget on the amplifier.

 CD Player

CD Compact Disc player is the still the best selling solid media music format. To make the most of your shiny silver discs, invest in a quality player, it will make all the difference

 Recording Media

Recording media is no longer just a tape deck you can add a recordable CD, hard disc, cassette and Minidisc recorders , whether you're archiving your recordings, recording live events or simply want to make your own compilations, it‘s all ways a good ideal to have at least one recording media.


Speakers take signal from your source units, via your amplifier, and spread sound around your chosen environment. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small and dinky bookshelves, or elegant floor standing, stick to a good make and you should be fine.


A good quality tuner makes radio signals sound superb. DAB radio uses digital signals, rather than the traditional analogue, providing super clear, high quality reception, there of also the normal FM AM tuners which can also include RDS. RDS, standing for the Radio Data System, Most FM radio stations in the UK use RDS. Along with the audio, small amounts of text and data are transmitted with the radio signal, and can be picked up and processed by RDS radios . Such radio receivers can display this information. The information commonly transmitted is: Station Name. Programme Type, Travel Information. Radio Text. Enhanced Other Networks - Alternative Frequency. Time and Date..


Whether you've got stacks of records, or a few, a turntable is a must. Warmer and mellower than CD, vinyl is still the audiophile's medium of choice, make sure that the amplifier you buy has an Phono (turntable) input, a turntable will not work via a normal aux input If that is all you have you would need to buy a preamp.

Interconnects...they're such an important variable in determining the sound of your system said What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine. Never sure I agree, they can be a way for retailers to make large profits, so don’t go mad, buy good quality but not expensive.

Gold plated banana plugs and good quality speaker cable will make a difference to the performance of your speakers. Again don’t go mad with spending loads of money.

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