Buying Agfa Vista Plus 200 35mm Film

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Since Agfa stopped producing and selling consumer film back in 2006 a company called Lupus Imaging bought the rights to use the Agfa name.  The current Agfa Visa Plus film is made by Fuji and is the equivalent to Fujicolor C200.  This is a nice cheap film that is suited to all 35mm cameras.  I find it best to be exposed as ISO125 on a bright sunny day and at box speeds on dull days or with flash.
I have noticed a lot of sellers selling this film for extortionate amounts of money.  You can pick rolls of 24 exp up for £1 in most if not all poundland shops.  Failing that Tudor Colour sell the same film under the Tudorcolor XLX200 brand and this can be had for £1.99 from Boots also sell a holiday pack of Fujicolor C200 5 rolls for £14.99
Although this is a nice film and good for people who to try to film photography it is not worth paying £19 for ten rolls of 24exp.
The price of 35mm has gone up due to the Lomography crowd, however with shopping around you can avoid the rip off prices for what is a very basic consumer film.
I hope this guide helps people avoid the rip of charges some people like to put on here.
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