Buying Miracle Mineral Solution

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Miracle Mineral is safer in glass bottles... Why?
  • No dye or chemical leaching into the product as with plastic
  • Better light barrier with glass
  • Longer shelf life with glass
  • No leaking during delivery
  • 100% recyclable
A few years back I purchased my first Miracle Mineral and it was in a plastic bottle and then in a ziploc bag. It had leaked into the plastic bag, it was a mess and I lost most of the solution. After much research I found the bottles that MMS Lab now uses and we have had less than a .5% incident when shipping in the glass bottles. Customers are happy and they receive the best product possible.

Questions to ask before purchase:
  • What is the % of sodium chlorite?
  • Is it Jim's formula?
  • Where is it made?
  • Where do the ingredients come from? Where is the ingredient supplier?
  • Are the products sealed?

I would be cautious about where I bought this product. Being on the inside I know what is going on and where most suppliers receive their ingredients. Your health and safety is important.

Have a questions feel free to email me.

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