Buying a 2nd hand Laptop

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                         BUYING A USED LAPTOP

                       “Our commitment to quality”

Some Second hand computers have their information deleted and are sold 'as is' without any software, if you turn the laptop on it will go to a blank screen and do nothing. Virus infections may still lay in wait for the next unsuspection owner.


Our reconditioning process is quite detailed and thorough, we endevour to bring the laptops back to not just new condition, but to better than new. Following is the process we undertake to make sure our products arrive to you in top condition and in perfect health

                     THE RECONDITIONING PROCESS:


First the computers are software 'scrubbed' with a complete deletion of all information including the partition table, a place in which many virii lurk to reinfect some 'refurbished' computers.

Once a complete 'scrub' is finished we then run hardware diagnostic testing that will display any component weakness/faults, and will reveal any intermittent faults by stressing particularly the CPU, RAM, and Hard Drives.

Upon passing the rigorous hardware tests successfully the computer software is rebuilt in 5 seperate layers, compare this to the average 2 or 3 layer refurbish.

Firstly the hardware is prepared to accept information

An appropriate windows file system is installed, with a secondary backup partition made on the hard drive to enable easier data recovery in the case of disaster.

Next a legal, licensed version of Microsoft windows will be installed from the secondary portion to save you hunting for that windows disk every time you make a change to your system. At this stage windows is a very ugly duckling with only bare video support, no sound or modem, etc.

Correct and up to date component drivers are installed, this is the basic information for Windows to control the hardware devices in your system, like sound, display, modem, networking, etc. Incorrect drivers often can work but giving strange, random, problems that can cost a fortune in troubleshooting fees.

At this stage windows is a very basic beast with limited functionality, it has a basic word processor and calculator, a basic image program, and outdated internet programs. Patches and fixes as well as updates are now installed on the system bringing even windows95 up to date and thoroughly usable in todays online environment.

Legal office software, anti-virus, and many other programs are now added to give the end user a ready to use system with a full suite of software. Wallpapers, screen savers and some games are installed to allow your to customise your computer as soon as you get home, making it truly 'yours'.

After the computer is working as it should be, we then check the casing and exterior and repair or replace necessary parts, and thoroughly clean the computer casing and disinfect the keyboard and mouse, you never know where someone else has had their fingers.


30 day return to base parts and labour warranty comes standard with every reconditioned or second hand laptop purchase, extended warranties to 6 months are available.


6 month return to base hardware warranty is standard on all reconditioned desktop units.


After sales support service is available at any time during the warranty for software problems and for any difficulties experienced outside of warranty.

Installed Software:

AVG Anti-virus: powerful and reliable protection for your computer and data.

Open Office: Fully featured offcie software compatible with MS Office

Direct X: Multimedia enhancements from MS, help your computer run video and sound in modern applications.

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express: MS inbuilt standard web browsing and email software, updated to the latest stable versions.

Windows .cab files: having these installed on a seperate partion allows easy disaster recovery as well as data backup. Also saves you the hunt for that lost windows CD whenever you make changes to windows.

Ad Aware: similar to virus removal software but removes unwanted advertising and “spy-ware”.

Adobe Acrobat reader: required to read .pdf files, often found as manuals or instructions, etc

Image Forge: image editing program, change pictures and photos to suit, remove people, add captions, etc.

KP Typing Tutor: an easy to use typing program that ignores visual prettiness in order to concentrate on the task at hand – a very useful and functional program that is of use to beginners as well as more advanced users.

Mail Washer: Checks your email and allows you to not only block and remove spam but also to send back a fake message that your email does not exist, thus removing your from the spam list.

Quicktime: a movie player that supports Apple format videos

Tiny Firewall: a small but highly effective firewall program to control ingoing and outgoing connections from your computer. Used properly it can stop unwanted 'hack' attempts and can give warning of virus infection.

VB Runtime Files: necessary to run Visual Basic programs, a very common programming language.

Winrar: similar to winzip but more powerful, allows uncompression of most compressed file types, also allows you to read and modify .iso images.

Winamp: a highly configurable music player that plays all types of music files, includes a graphic equaliser.

Screen Savers: customise the look and feel of your computer with waterfalls, fireplaces, spooky graveyards, or make your own

Wallpapers: a large selection of desktops from nature scenes to science fiction


All software supplied is done so legally and with licenses where required, no pirated (illegal) software is included upon any system. All software is multiple virus scanned and certified as clean upon delivery.



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