Buying a Ford Mondeo MK3

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Mr averages favourite car? There's more to the Mondeo MK3 than meets the eye.

If you want a reliable car that's the best handling in it's class,that doesn't break the bank to run then read on.

Good points
Great to drive - both the saloon the estate have super handling,excellent road manners and take the bends like they are on rails
Cheap to insure - for the size of the car and speed  insurance rates are reasonable
So comfortable - I've had lots of cars over 28 years and this is the best for comfort,relaxed cruising and  no backache even after many miles
It's huge inside - the boot is cavernous - the estate huge - even bigger than a E class Mercedes apparently
Great used  price - 35% of new cost at 3 yrs and 70,000 miles
Reasonably priced spares - usual  low Ford parts cost - which means great value
The TDCI is economical and extremly quick ( 130 bhp 0-60 in 9.5 seconds and 130mph top speed)

Bad points
Clutches cost a bit (£350 ish) but you'll probably only replace one in the cars lifetime 
Ditto Dual Mass flywheel - but this applies to many other brands also
TDCI's can smoke a bit on acceleration after a few 10's of thousand miles (this applies to many modern diesels) but in most cases it just means the EGR valve and inlet manifold need cleaning - an easy DIY job in just over an hour or ask your local garage to include it as part of the service
.and that's about it

Even Jeremy Clarkson gushed how good they are

quote ' 'The previous (Mondeo) model (Mk3) was a masterpiece. Every single time I drove one I emerged from the experience thinking, “Why doesn’t everyone own one of these?” It was just so simple. A perfect poached egg, on a perfect piece of toast.

It handled beautifully, it was surprisingly fast, it was roomy and practical, and if you actually took away the familiarity it was also extremely good looking. Much better than a BMW 3-series, or a Mercedes C-class. Better too than the Jaguar X-type that it spawned.

Need I say more -I've owned mineover two years now and am happy to report that except for a recent  new clutch and flywheel (latter was covered by warranty) I have had no problems at all and it's now covered nearly 85,000 miles.

I have the Ghia model  and  it is such a great car,it has all the toys which I never get tired of and unlike any other car I've owned (and that's a lot) I look forward to driving it each time I go out in it and for a diesel it is very quick - you can have economy and never get left behind at the traffic light Grand Prix

It really is a fine car to own - Ford definately got it right with this one - and what will be my next car - a new shape Mondeo - a testament to how pleased I am .... for once I must agree with Jeremy, he got it spot on.

So buy one  unless you need a  particular badge of course - and if you do  you can get one on Ebay with the money you saved and still have enough left over for a holiday , BTW there is a great Mondeo owners forum on the net   just google

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