Buying the best swimming pool covers - solar cover

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It is always worth doing your research!

Buying a new Solar pool cover can be a confusing and expensive experience if you don’t understand the basics of the product. To save you time and confusion, we have decided to put it all in one place to help you choose the best cover for your individual needs.


Also known as solar blankets, solar pool covers are the least expensive category of pool covers. A solar cover is an environmentally friendly way to maintain a pool because it uses renewable energy from the sun and conserves water. They can reduce the costs of owning and maintaining your pool.


The cover resembles a large sheet of plastic bubble wrap. The air pockets capture the sun’s heat like a greenhouse. During the day, the cover transfers the heat to the water. At night, the cover helps the water retain the sun’s warmth. The covers can increase the pool water temperature by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduces the need to use a pool heater to warm the water at the beginning or end of the swimming season in cooler climates.


They can also reduce the loss of water due to evaporation.

Although they cover the surface of a pool, solar covers are not safety covers and cannot keep windblown debris out of a pool. Like other covers, solar covers must be removed before swimmers can use the water.

In warmer, sunny climates, a solar cover can extend the swimming season. Unlike other covers that are strapped down and anchored in place, solar covers float freely on the surface of the pool. Owners can easily remove and store the cover by folding it up or rolling it onto a reel.


The thickness of the cover is measured in micron which is a very small unit of millimeters. 200 is the lightest and it will go up to 900 however we only deal in superior grading’s 400 – 500.


The bubble wrap effect of your solar cover has is what helps it to retain its heat , bubbles always face down.


Opaque -This is recommended for hotter climates. Clear covers let UVA and infrared light penetrate keeping it warm. This light does however encourage the growth of Algae in your pool. This colour can also be useful for indoor use as even though solar gain is not an issue you can save money on purchasing an insulating foam cover. (Blue would also be a suitable option for this use)
Black/Blue/Silver/Gold – These are more suitable for cooler climate. The darker colours will prevent growth of algae. Gold and Silver linings will reflect the heat further down into the water.


With all covers we would recommend a heater if you would like a consistently warm pool. In the UK we are not blessed with consistent sunlight and so pools with a capacity of more than 2,000 liters would definitely benefit from this.


Caring for your cover

Our solar covers are so good at capturing heat from the sun that they can overheat themselves if they are not protected from the sun’s rays, whilst off the pool without the swimming pool water to take the heat away. This is most serious when the cover is on a reel, as each layer heats the one underneath, and the whole bundle is so well insulated that the middle can heat up like an oven! Damage by UV rays will also be increased. We advise that you keep the rolled up cover in the shade, using the solar protection sheet provided for example.

Avoid leaving the cover on immediately after shock treating your pool. Do not recover for an hour or so until the chlorine is well mixed in, because strong chemicals can gradually perish the material. Do not use in pools where the temperature is constantly over 29 degrees.

Bubble covers can be damaged by freezing water, so you are advised to use a debris cover when you shut the pool down over the winter.



Free heating! A solar pool cover will heat the pool water – if your pool gets full sun during the day, a solar pool cover is expected increase the water temperature by around 8 degrees Celsius.
Save water! A well fitted solar pool cover can almost eliminate water loss caused by evaporation. Our covers have been independently tested, and proven to stop as much as 99.4% of evaporation.
Save chemicals! It’s not just the water that doesn’t evaporate – it’s your chemicals too.  By stopping evaporation, you are also cutting your chemical consumption. We find that most people will reduce their chemical needs by around 50% – in fact, turning an automatic chlorinator down by half is the first thing you need to do once you’ve installed a new solar cover.
Stop leaves! Having a solar blanket floating on top of your pool water means that pesky leaves and bits of garden debris sit on top of the cover, instead of sitting on the bottom of the pool floor. Use your blower to blow the leaves off before taking your cover off, and enjoy a clean, leaf free swim!
Save money! With no leaves and garden waste sitting on the bottom of the pool, the workload on your filter and vacuum are reduced. While you still need to use them of course, they simply don’t need to work as hard – so they are likely to last longer, and use less power!

Contact Castle Hot Tubs today if you need any further advice about swimming pool covers or water chemicals we have fully trained Friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to help

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