Buying the right Fox Trap

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Before we start  have you proofed the area to prevent access by foxes as once you trap and removed a fox more will eventually replace it. If you're still sure that you want to trap your problem fox, what are you going to do with the captured animal ? think about it before trapping as its your responsibility and the law not to cause it any suffering, you must check on the trap at least twice in 24 hours. All that said a humane cage fox trap will catch a fox, our standard fox trap has a door that closes vertically ideal if you want to place the fox trap up against a hole in a fence or behind a bob hole inside a chicken shed, this way you can use your hens as bait. Trapping the the open is possible, dig out a small hole or scrape in the ground, place a fistful of  bait in the hole, kfc works well, place the trap over the bait making sure the treadplate is over the bait hole that way the fox enters the trap but cannot access it easily without stepping on the treadplate and activating the door to close. Other types of fox trap door have their advantages and disadvantages, fox trap doors that close inwards from the horizontal, this type would require a larger than average trap to overcome  the fox's fear of the door over it's head also  the fox could backup before the door closes and locks, against popular belief the door would not push the fox into the trap , if anything the fox would escape by holding the door up on his back..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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