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I saw this item listed on ebay, and thought that it might be, just the unit to fit in my car.  I already have a Multimedia stereo unit fitted, but it only has an analogue (Tv tuner).  The picture tends to break up, and as we all know 'the channels are very limited.  Also ' In a cupple of years, there will be No More analogue television transmissions.

I must admit, I do enjoy having a television in the car.  It helps past the time, when I go the collect my kids from the Airport, and end up sitting there for ages!  But I also thought that it maybe great for camping!   I have one of those portable DVD players, so I felt that, I might be able to run the Freeview boxit though it's monitor.

But I was not really convinced.   "What about areas with poor signal strength".  'Yes I could obviously 'see that as a big problem!  Plus ' Would it be to big the fit in the car anyway!

The seller was: blacksilvertech.  I emailed them, and received a prompt reply.  Some sellers on ebay ' just can't be bothered!  "Yes I know they get loads of time wasters".  But this seller was really helpful and answered all my question clearly and fully!.

The items specification seemed very good.  I am an a Mechanical Electrcal engineer.  Also the free view box its self, was not to big in size.

'Well it came with a proper "Well written Instruction Book".  The remote control has decent / proper buttons etc. ie, Not one of those cheap plastic faced / biscuit types!   In fact its simular to my DVD remote control at home.

There were two options for connecting the 12 volt Dc power supply.     Option (1), was a simple Gigar lighter lead.  It just plugs into the free view box and then into your cigar lighter "Great".  The second connection was via a proper square type plug.  It just plugs into the side of the unit.  The Free View box also came with a (Free) mag mount roof aerial with a reasonable lenght coaxial lead, including a fitted plug.

The Free View box 'itself, was very impressive!   It came with all the nessasary mounting brackets and fittings etc.  The box is really nicely made, and has a real feeling of quality about it!  'But to my amassment, it also came with an optical, remote control cable.  This mean't that you could indeed place the box anywhere out of sight, and still be able to control it.  'Mind you!  If the box is placed in line of sight, "You simply don't need it".  Also in the box came with a nice quality, (AV Cable) , of a good lenght. 

Fitting the system was really easy peesy!   I chose to use the proper power  cable.  However ' the unit does not come with an (Inline fuse holder).  So 'it was off to the shops to purchase one!   Once 'I decided where I wanted to position the box!  (Under the dash and out of sight).  I just had the drill a few holes for the mounting screws. 

It was just a matter of connecting up the (Red) Posative power wire via the fuse holder, to the (accessory side of the ignition switch).   "So that when the key is removed, the unit is powered down".  

'Then just connect the black Negative earth wire to a suitable earth.  You then run the (AV Cable) from the free view box. Straight to your screen / monitor.  ie, Red and Black phono's to the (audio input) on your monitor or to the (audio input) connectors on your stereo.  And then (Yellow) to your screen /Monitor. 

"The great thing" Is that there are another, (3) spare video output conections on the free view box!  So you can connect, Say' another two rear video screens, or flip down roof screens.  "Brill".

I then fitted the optical (remote cable) and then simply fixed the sensor to my centre console with double sided tape.

When you switch the system on, It takes you thought a very simple and easy to understand menus.  It really is "Fool proof".   It then downloads all the avaliable free view channels.  It even shows the aerial signal strength etc. The remote control is very comprehensive indeed!  It can do all the same functions as my box at home.  But it has a much better (Guide etc).  The picture quality is brilliant.  The sound is very good indeed.   " In Southeast London, I receive a signal strength of 89%.

Last night, I went and pick my son up from Gatwick.  His plane was delayed. "So what's new".   I simply placed the aerial on the roof, and found that I had only about a 10% signal strength showing.   But to my amassment!  I had a full , free view service, without any signs of digital brake up etc.  However, with this low strength signal, there was a very slight hissing in the sound quality.  But it was really hardly noticable.  I sat watching free view for about 2 hours, and the time just flew by!   I have also connected the free view box to my camping leisure battery.  I simply used the gigar lighter connection wire to a made up socket and lead.  I connected the (AV Cable) to my Hitachi portable (Dvd player 'via adaptors.  Put the aerial outside, and bingo ' we have free view Tv in our tent.

Sometimes when you buy these things ' you simply can't get any spare parts!!!

"Well some bars--ed, nicked the screw in aerial mast out out its mag mount, when my carwas parked!   "No problem  (blacksilvertech) quickly sent me a brand new one".

This Free View box, Could also be used, in a Works van: on a boat or in a caravan etc.  I honestly think that its brilliant!    Hence why I have taken the trouble to write this Guide / Review.  Ron

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