Cheaper Electric Drum Kits

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Electric kits have always depended heavily on the price you pay for them. You can’t just buy new heads to change the sounds.  It’s most certainly true that you get what you pay for in this market, and most of the time, if you spend less than £500; you won’t be getting your money’s worth. Until now! There are a few kits out there that now offer amazing value. For example the brand new Session Pro electric drum set is extremely good value for money.  Any other electric drums bellow £350 are nowhere near this value you get in the Session Pro.  Another option would be Arbiter electric kits and the Traps.  There’s also the Yamaha table top drums, great for messing around, but you can’t actually do any serious practice with one of these, and so as far as learning the drums is concerned, this is a very limited option indeed. In an electric kit you are looking for; A standard 5 piece kit set up. With hi-hats and 2 cymbals, pedal and hi-hat control.  

Also look for strong construction on the cheaper kits: A strudy frame, decent pads and strong pedals. All in all if you buy correctly, even at sub £500, there's plenty of fun to be had!!! 

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