Choosing the best Shisha Pens on eBay

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There are literally hundreds of Shisha Pens now available online, and lots of them are being sold all day long by power sellers, and those that have great feedback scores.

Unfortunately this means that some sellers who may not have previously sold as many products, such as myself, don't often meet the 'best match' criteria to have my listing displayed to a lot of people, thereby decreasing my chances of selling the product.

This is unfortunate, as the actual product sellers like myself have is often of a higher quality but this goes unnoticed.

This guide will help you understand what you need to look for in disposable shisha pens.

The first thing is looking for how many puffs are available in the pen. The standard for disposable Shisha Pens is 500 puffs, and the pens I have for sale are the same.

Secondly, you need to know what flavours you are after - the most popular flavours are the fruit based ones as these are traditional; namely Strawberry, Apple, Peach, and Mango among others (these are all available in my shisha pens listing)

Finally, you need to look at the look and feel of the actual product; you can't pick this up on eBay however what you can do is see that the item is smaller and lighter than other Shisha Pens as it has newer technology; therefore does not need to be as bulky. This gives it more of a real cigarette feel in the hand. 

Finally, the bes feature of high quality Shisha Pens is the material. Some are quite heavy and cold to hold, but the high quality pens are softer in the hands and come with a soft tip. This is paramount in Shisha Pens in 2013. This means that the pens actually feel like a real cigarette in the mouth as it is possible to 'squash' the tip you put in your mouth if you tried.

So - Hopefully you now know what to look for when buying Shisha Pens; and you can purchase these from here:
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