Clothing & accessories for M & M lead rein/ 1st ridden

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Showing horses and ponies covers an enormous and varying aspect and getting the clothes right is a big problem, especially for the novice.

It basically breaks down into what particular class you are entered for, ponies are very different to horses and getting it right, might just catch the judges eye!



Lead rein and first ridden

Canary or beige jods, with elastic stirrups or joddy clips, well fitting and not baggy!

Black or brown joddy boots (depending on jacket colour), well polished.

Contrasting shirt, this may be plain , striped, dotted, whatever you like as long as it looks subtle and not o t t !

Nice tie, and neat tie pin, this can also be plain, or to match the shirt, there are loads about, and bargains on ebay to be had!.A nice ribbon or scrunchie to match looks good, but please do not bedeck your child with long flowing ribbons, and awful huge button holes, it just looks brash, sublety always the key

A waistcoat if you wish, it is not strictly correct for M and M classes, but is accepted, look in charity shops for these, sometimes you can find them , but keep them plain.

Gloves, leather preferably, and to match boot colour.

Jacket, oh the terrible problem, short fit, long fit , what do you do, M and M ponies should not have velvet on the collar, but people do and get away with it, it should be tweed, and can be any colour in the universe! I have seen pink recently , its awful, please stick to old fashioned good colors, a jacket will not make your pony win!It should be well fitting, with a skirt just long enough to touch the cantle, I know some are shorter, and some longer, but cantle length is correct..

A velvet covered up to date hat, with chin strap, (preferebly flesh coloured).

A show cane, (not lead rein) of the same colour as the boots and gloves, held correctly ( not like a fishing rod!) in the middle.

This is a very basic and rough guide for  M and  M ponies, if unsure go and watch a class at a top show and talk to people, most mums are only too happy to help and may even have out grown good quality clothing that you may purchase, this is a sensible thing as most children out grow their clothes every 6 months , making it a very costly business.

If you ever need help I am always here to try and guide you.



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