DIY Keratin Treatment

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DIY Keratin Treatment

People benefit from keratin treatments for the hair, fingernails, and toenails because they revitalise amino acids at the cell level. A keratin treatment reverses structural cell damage, which makes styling hair easier and gives nails a healthy colour. For hair treatments, shoppers can choose from products that work on permed, bleached, highlighted, coloured, straight, and curly hair. Some kits contain shampoo, conditioner, bowls, gloves, applicators, cleanser, and even a video as part of the DIY package. In addition, manicure and pedicure products typically include essential ingredients that revive broken and cracked nails. Shoppers can find a variety of products to help them complete a DIY keratin treatment at home.

DIY Keratin Hair Treatments

Shoppers can purchase DIY keratin kits or buy individual products separately. To perform a DIY keratin hair treatment, users start with a deep hair cleansing and then blow the hair dry. After that, they apply the keratin treatment, use a post-treatment shampoo, and then an after-care conditioner. Buyers need to remember that keratin treatments require a heat source such as a flat iron to seal the treatment into the hair strands at a minimum temperature of 232 degrees C.

Pre-Treatment Shampoo

A pre-treatment shampoo clarifies the hair by stripping hair strands of any chemicals that might interfere with the treatment process. For the best possible results, the hair must be clean so that the hair shafts respond when keratin reaches the cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair shaft. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair thoroughly before applying the keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin products work with all types of hair including coarse, fine, thin, thick, wavy, kinky, curly, treated, and untreated hair. Keratin hair treatments restore health to the hair by infusing it with a protein that locks and seals the hair follicles. Using a brush, apply the keratin solution directly to sections of hair about 2.5 cm from the roots and leave the solution on the hair for 30 to 40 minutes. Then, dry their hair thoroughly. Once dry, use a flat iron to seal the treatment into the hair strands. After this step, manufacturers recommend that users do not wash their hair for at least 72 hours.

Post-Treatment Shampoo and After-Care Conditioner

After the treatment is complete, people can use a post-treatment shampoo as part of their normal routine to add moisture to hair, maintain the results, and keep hair shiny and smooth. Some people use an after-care keratin conditioner to hydrate hair strands further so that hair retains its vitality and stays healthy.

Reasons for Choosing a Keratin Treatment

Shoppers use keratin treatments for a variety of reasons.

Hair Problem

Keratin Solution

Shopper wants straight hair

Treatment straightens and relaxes hair

Lasts from two to four months

Shopper has dry hair

Treatment adds moisture to hair

Shopper's hair tangles

Treatment keeps hair manageable

After-care conditioner adds moisture

Shopper wants to spend less time styling hair

Treatment ensure hair dries more quickly

Styling lasts longer after keratin treatment

After using a do-it-yourself keratin hair treatment, shoppers experience relaxed and moisturized hair that is easier to style. In addition, once styled it tends to last longer after a keratin hair treatment.

DIY Keratin Manicure and Pedicure Treatments

Hands and feet can also benefit from a keratin treatment when nails appear brittle and dull-looking. Nail polish damages both finger and toenails to the point that white spots sometimes develop on the surface of the nail. People can apply creams or liquids that contain keratin to both fingernails and toenails over a period of weeks to alleviate dryness and restore moisture to the cuticles. To speed up the process, manicure and pedicure sets provide tools to shape and improve the nail's appearance as the keratin begins the process of restoration.

How to Buy Keratin Treatment Products on eBay

Buyers can find DIY keratin treatment products on the eBay website using the search feature. You can type keywords into the Search bar to find what you want, such as "keratin DIY treatment", "hair treatment", and " manicure kit" to help you locate the tools and products to complete a treatment at home. You can then use the refinement filters and categories to narrow the results further to find exactly what you are looking for.

Using keratin treatments helps hair and nails look appealing and stay healthy. Products containing keratin reverse damage and offer shoppers a do-it-yourself option for saving money and ensuring their hair and nails look their best.

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