DIY Oktoberfest Decorations

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DIY Oktoberfest Decorations

Oktoberfest is a large fair held each year in Germany, although across the world, people of German descent and those who love unusual festive traditions, also celebrate Oktoberfest. The festival lasts from late September until the first weekend in October. The festival was first held to celebrate the marriage of the crowned prince of Germany in 1810. Oktoberfest is a huge celebration of the coming of autumn and winter, with hearty food, merriment, decorations, traditional dress, and music. A huge range of ready-made decorations are available, but to save money and create a more personal and traditional feel, consumers can easily make their own.

Choose Authentic Colours

For a traditional Oktoberfest, choosing authentic colours is vital. Consumers have two colour options that provide an authentic Oktoberfest theme. Blue and white is a common choice, as these are the colours of the Bavarian flag. Alternatively, opt for black, red, and gold, which are the colours of the German flag. Shoppers can purchase paper plates, tablecloths, bunting, or paper in these colours to create simple, inexpensive, authentic decor.

Create an Oktoberfest Centrepiece

A centrepiece for the table is an essential Oktoberfest decoration. Because this festival centres around traditional, hearty, good food and the sampling of high quality, authentic beer, a fully decorated table is a vital element. Use an appropriate tablecloth with blue, white, red, and gold colouring, and create an attractive centrepiece to complement the cloth and complete the Oktoberfest look. Use an authentic or authentic-look beer stein and fill with fresh flowers and foliage. Either fill the beer stein with water or use wet florist oasis to keep the display fresh. Use small rectangles of paper and cocktail sticks to create flags and add them to the beer stein. Take small rectangles of card or paper and colour them according to the German or Bavarian flags. Take a cocktail stick and glue one edge of the paper to the cocktail stick, creating easy and effective Oktoberfest decorations. Add these to the beer stein and flowers for a beautiful and authentic centrepiece.

Turn the Venue into a Tent

Traditionally, Oktoberfest celebrations are held in tents or marquees. However, purchasing a large marquee is comparatively expensive. Additionally, setting up a marquee, including furniture and decorations is time consuming and not practical for everyone. Therefore, to save time and money, consumers can bring that authentic tent feel indoors inexpensively with just a little creativity. One can use a ready-made Oktoberfest canopy, created from lightweight paper that hangs above the dining table or, alternatively, shoppers can make their own. To make one from scratch, use inexpensive fabric, such as lightweight cotton, and drape across the ceiling above the dining table, allowing it to drape and hang a little to mimic a real tent.

Use Posters of Germany

Using posters of Germany or German-inspired items and objects helps to bring a touch of Germany to those celebrations located elsewhere. Posters are usually inexpensive and make effective decorations, particularly when mounted on backing paper and embellished with decals or fabric. Using posters or printing embellishing pictures is a great way of creating easy, time-saving Oktoberfest decorations, even for consumers with little practical craft ability.

Prepare Traditional Food and Drink

Preparing plenty of traditional food and drink is a key element of a successful Oktoberfest celebration. As part of the authentic decor, set up a table devoted entirely to traditional German beers. Use beer steins for guests to drink from as they are not only authentic, but generally beautifully decorated, adding colour and aesthetic appeal to the overall decor. Along with each beer, include an information card, containing the name of the beer, its origin, and other interesting factoids. For youngsters and non-drinkers, include a selection of non-alcoholic beer. Traditional food includes German sausage selections, including bratwurst, along with side dishes such as sauerkraut and potato dumplings. For the ultimate Oktoberfest food and an amazing decorative item, create a traditional hog roast. Pork is the meat of choice in Germany, and a hog roast, complete with a beautiful glaze, is a truly authentic dish that makes a fabulous centrepiece sure to astound and thrill every guest.

How to Buy Oktoberfest Items on eBay

Oktoberfest is a two week festival that requires authentic decorations and great food and drink. Everything you need to turn your home into a little slice of festive Germany is available on eBay at great prices. Search from any eBay page and browse through the results to find your supplies, from beer steins, to tablecloths, cocktail sticks, fabric, and paper. Check seller feedback to ensure you buy from a seller with a good reputation who provides a smooth transaction and fast delivery. Decorate your home in blue and white or red, blue, and gold for an authentic feel. Create your own miniature flags, set up a beer tasting table, and make an easy and attractive centrepiece for a beautifully authentic, handmade Oktoberfest.

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