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The list below is things you should NEVER do when fitting a cast iron stove. They are not only against building regulations and HETAS guidelines - but could seriously put your health / life at risk.

HORIZONTAL FLUE PIPE ....NEVER fit more than 150mm horizontal pipe coming out the back of a stove. Flue gasses rise upwards and in a spiral. Forcing them along horizontal flue pipe means they cannot rise properly and you are also putting yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as your chimney won't be able to draw as well as it should.

The rear outlet on the back of the stove is NOT for fitting a horizontal pipe. It's there so you can fit a 45 deg bend and pass though a wall - fitting a 135deg tee on the outside with cleaning access. The other reason for rear outlet is for the fitting of a tee piece and soot box to run the pipe vertical behind the stove and up a flue liner

90 deg ELBOW / BEND  ...... NEVER EVER fit 90deg bends. These are approved ONLY for use with gas and oil. Your fitting will be instantly CONDEMMED if you fit this to a stove / woodburner. They restrict draw. They also put you at risk of blockages / carbon monoxide poisoning. Deposits come down the pipe and will block up in the bend. You cant clean it out. It COULD be fine for years - but it could KILL you just as easily !

45 deg ELBOWS / BENDS - you can fit these under a building control notice with a stove - but NOT under HETAS guidelines. For building control, you cant fit a 45 deg bend on TOP of a stove without having a 600mm RISE first. If you fit a 500mm length of pipe, that will give you a 60mm rise to the centre of your first bend....

TAKE THE LEGS OFF A STOVE AND SIT IT STRAIGHT ON THE HEARTH. - Seriously BAD idea ! Stoves need air circulation right round in order to heat the air. Apart from the fact it won't meet any of the approvals, without the air circulation-  you are risking cracking the casting or damaging your hearth. Stoves are only covered by warranty if fitted by a HETAS registered engineer or under a building control notice.

FITTING A STOVE INTO A VERY RESTRICTED SPACE - you need a MINIMUM of 6" air gap from NON combustable walling either side and behind the stove. Without this, you won't have adequate air circulation. Just to leave an inch or so either side is NOT sensible - you are risking damaging your stove and rotting out your mortar. Without adequate air circulation, you are also only heating bricks and not the air space.

DON'T FIT FLUE PIPE SMALLER THAN THE STOVE OUTLET DIAMETER. The more fuel you burn, the more flue gasses are produced. Restricting the flue size by fitting a flue size smaller than the outlet, means your chimeny cannot draw and remove enough of the waste fumes. This means not only could you damage your stove as it will overheat, but you are also putting yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can INCREASE flue sizes, but NEVER DECREASE !

More don'ts will be added as soon as I have some time....

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