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This is a CAUTION, DO NOT USE PARCEL2GO! I am totally exhausted by the hours of stress trying to sort out problems by Parcel2Go and Yodel.

I am writing in the vain hope that this will escalate the problem I have and responsibility and action will be made by PARCEL2GO and Yodel teams to simply resolve the problem that I have. Two packages were collected from my home. We had printed and securely fixed the correct addresses to each parcel. Upon collection, the driver put sticky labels on the packages and we asked if there was a receipt for tracking which we needed. He assured us no, just the tracking number as per the order placed online:

Parcel 1. should have gone to Mr. S in East Kilbride

Parcel 2. should have gone to Mr. D in Cheshire.

Guess what...THE DRIVER SWITCHED THE STICKY LABELS! And no driver at any point, or at any depot looked to see the mistake!

The following Thursday we had an email and spoke to our customer on the phone, Mr. D. A package had arrived and it was the wrong item in the box. We discovered that the correct address we had affixed was on one side, and the sticky label on the other was incorrect. He took a picture as evidence. ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES!!!

We then started various chats/calls with P2G and Yodel and discovered that the other parcel was at the East Kilbride depot and had yet to be delivered. After being assured by a P2G Agent "Andrea" that instructions to hold the package for Mr. S at the depot and re-deliver correctly were made we logged off. On Friday, as per P2G's advice, we called in the morning to double check and were told yes, those instructions were with Yodel and that a collection from Mr. D were sent to by P2G to Yodel.

On Friday afternoon, a package was delivered to Mr. S. He found that the contents inside were not his. As per Mr. D, he saw that the correct printed label from us was affixed and that the incorrect sticky label addressed to him was on the other side. He also took photographic evidence.

Both customers acknowledged receipt of goods for the other. After being  told by P2G that Yodel would arrange new collections, we informed our customers, apologetic for P2G's and Yodel's mistake. Mr. D waited patiently for collection on Monday, then Tuesday, and then I escalated again to P2G and Yodel. Where was the collection as promised? We were promised by P2G that it was organized now with a new courier as they hadn't had any updates from Yodel.

At that point on Wed, we did not have anything but verbal or "chat" assurance that instructions have been placed both on Thursday, and followed up on Friday. No one emailed as promised.

Parcel2Go and Yodel have such poor tracking and even worse customer service follow up.

We then found out Yodel collected the package from Mr. S on Monday evening and brought it back to East Kilbride and its sitting somewhere now LOST?!? Parcel2Go had no idea that this had happened! And now they have no idea where the package is! (Our poor customer Mr S just thought "great, its sorted" and he only thought maybe something was wrong on Wed when a Parcel2Go City Link courier showed up demanding a package!) And this was all despite me trying to elicit daily updates from Parcel2Go and Yodel from Friday till Wed what the status was for our customers.

The package with Mr. D was collected by "who knows"? Even though it was arranged with City Link by Parcel2Go, Parcel2Go don't know if Yodel or a City Link courier collected from Mr. D on Wed, we just know they gave our customer a JD number (BTW this is what Yodel call it, so guess its Yodel again?!?)

I have several chat transcripts which display this colossal incompetence. I also made several calls to Yodel, who despite having to pass me back to Parcel2Go, gave me explicit instructions to tell Parcel2Go to escalate with Yodel's Premier Customer Service team, and that new tracking numbers would required with each new order, and that as the order was placed by Parcel2Go, these new tracking numbers (a 7digitJD ) would be provided to Parcel2Go and that they should provide this to me for tracking. No such thing has ever arrived.

I am very skeptical at this point that this matter is being resolved and that rather than solve the problem, believe both Parcel2Go and Yodel are arguing over culpability. I simply want this sorted, and my customers and myself compensated for a service that they should not have to pay for. Save yourself the hassle, DO NOT USE PARCEL2GO or YODEL!!!

The actions were so simple, pick up the mis-delivered packages, check the labeling and forward them to the correct addresses!

In an ideal world I'd like to see Parcel2Go and Yodel compensate myself and these gentlemen for their shipping fees. But guess what, before they even knew if things were resolved, Parcel2Go offered me £20. That's not even half the cost of my shipping let alone any further compensation for my time and effort to get this resolved. But its galling that they DIDN'T EVEN CHECK to see if my packages were DELIVERED CORRECTLY!!!

I have spent well in excess of SIX DAYS of valuable working hours chasing up and waiting for an answer. As per my chats and calls to both Yodel and P2G teams, I feel frustrated as I could have made arrangements on Friday and had collections arranged from both customers for the Monday myself. I still have had no USEFUL or REAL response back from Yodel and Parcel2Go and it's now NOV 8. I feel as though I am wasting my time and that no one is following up.

If customer retention and acquisition are key to business growth, know that you are failing miserably, PARCEL2GO. If the level of involvement and time by your customers to resolve matters forces us to publicly SHAME YOU to action, then I would expect like myself we will publicly denounce your services on twitter, facebook, yellow and any other web based forum till people get the message. I was hoping to be proved wrong. I have worked in IT and customer service for some time and I have implemented and run chat/online teams, and perhaps to my current detriment willing to trust what I am assured of on chat. While your teams use the correct and "canned" responses, what I don't see is the follow up and actions beyond their screen. It's simple, make a call to your provider, talk to the escalation team, discuss and report back to your customer.

Time has passed and action hasn't been made so I am skeptical and disappointed. I really hope others will read this, and DO NOT USE Parcel2Go. Maybe some 'social media' marketeer will read this letter from Parcel2Go and escalate this letter to the highest level of management so that they know what has occurred and that the matter is resolved swiftly.

I await a reply as do my customers as a matter of urgency. I would also like a written apology and compensation for the fees and the time we have spent on the phone and on chat as well as my customers' inconvenience.

Parcel2Go/Yodel:  If you want further evidence of the conversations with your agents I have this logged, but I am sure you can pull chat transcripts as necessary. Please treat this as a matter of urgency. My Yodel case is LC9691 and my P2G case is P2G-CS-1396975. If you bother to look up DUNCAN and read our notes you'll realise its been a week of NEGLIGENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!