Distance Selling Regulations And eBay

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This is a short guide to Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) and eBay

DSR's do not apply to real world auctions however, trading standards and the DTI do NOT class eBay as auctions regardless of it being called an online auction. Therefore if you are a business you are liable to abide by DSR's and ensure you are running your business legally. Visit the eBay for business guide

The DSR's do not apply to private sellers, so for those of you that sell unwanted items as opposed to buying to sell you are not legally obliged to abide by the DSR's. You do not have to offer returns or a 7 day cooling off period

As a private seller you need to decide whether you wish to offer returns and/or exchanges

Trading Standards are well aware of eBay and the business legalities

I hope this has helped to clear up any confusion regarding eBay and Distance Selling Regulations and if in any doubt as to how the law applies to you visit the DTI website or consult your solicitor