Does Xenical Work As A Weight Loss Pill?

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What is Xenical?

Xenical (the generic name is orlistat) is a prescription weight-loss medication that prevents fat in food from being absorbed into the body. Doctors prescribe it for people who meet certain criteria for obesity or who are at a high risk for health-related problems because of their weight.

"The problem is, that this product has some nasty side effects and has been linked to some deaths and even psychosis."

You should consider using a safe alternative like Acai HP max strength, which will make you lose weight as fast as using Xenical but helps you to avoid any unpleasant side effects like stomach cramps and liver damage.

Lets delve a little deeper and learn a bit more and find out Does Xenical Work For Losing Weight?...

What does it claim to do?

Xenical works in the intestines by reducing the amount of fat absorbed by your body after a meal. It inhibits the work of lipase, which is an enzyme needed for fats to be absorbed in the small intestine and stomach. Fats that are not digested can't be absorbed so they do not add to the calories in a meal. This helps to reduce caloric intake, in turn promoting weight loss.

Xenical is called a "fat-blocker" because it works in the intestines to prevent about 30 percent of fat eaten in food from being absorbed. This fat is eliminated in bowel movements. Xenical produces moderate weight loss.

They claim that studies show that people using the drug have an average weight loss of 12 pounds after six months, and 13 pounds after one year of use. People who use Xenical along with a low-calorie diet regain less weight after stopping Xenical than individuals who have not taken Xenical.

Hmm this seems a bit of a toss up, sure I dont doubt it will make you lose weight, but its a prescription drug, and causes really bad side effects, as reported by many users. The WLT community tested this product and it scored really low, mainly because users bowels would just unload at any minute!


Orlistat is the main ingredient in Xencial. A complete list of ingredients for Xenical is not available. Because this is a prescription only product, your doctor would be able to share the ingredients with you before prescribing.

What's the conclusion?

Unfortunately, there are some possible unpleasant side effects. Since the fat in the meal isn't absorbed, it will have to get out of the body somehow. And, that is going to be through the stool. When Xenical is taken with a meal high in fat, some possible side effects are gas, bloating, diarrhea, oily spotting and even anal leakage.

"In all honesty, I do believe that there are much better alternatives to this pill on the market. With the many restrictions and possible side effects, I just don't feel that it is the best product available. Most users saw better results and less side effects from using Hoodia 9000 and Acai HP together"

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