Dr who battles in time rare-ultra rare cards

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I will basically be telling you which Dr who cards are worth the most at the moment and how rare each card is. First of all there is the base set of cards then the test set of cards. The test set of Dr who cards are worth more than any Dr who card, the test set was released before the initial 275 exterminator set. The test set of Dr who cards is out of 75 and none of the cards have a rarity symbol. The effect cards (such as satellite 5, super rose, sonic screwdriver) have a yellow triangle symbol with an orange lightning bolt going through it instead of a circle with an red/orange lightning bolt going through it. At the moment the test set normal ultras fetch from £12-£25. The test set super rose fetches around £70-£100. Top 10 big sellers Dr who ultra rare's (not including Super rose or test set cards) 1. Cyber buster 2. Regeneration 3. beastly possession 4. Blink 5. Dalek uncovered 6. Judoon unmasking 7. unfiltered sunlight 8. Tardis 9. The masters regeneration 10.Macra claws Rarest Card from each set Exterminator- Regeneration Annihalator- Cyber buster Invader-Blink Ultimate monsters- Macra claws Devastator- ood transformation
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