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After having an ebay wedding, I'm now having an ebaby!  and I have to say I'm delighted, how did people manage with these life changing events before ebay?

I understand that people want something new for their first/second/third etc baby and I'm no different but even thats possible with some of the ebay shops - the mamas and papas factory store for example.  But other things, that don't need to be new are such a bargain.  The number of things like baby gyms and play mats that are available at very cheap prices is unbeleivable!

This far (and there's still a few months to go) my biggest bargain has to be my swing crib, I won it for an amazing £2.50, if it then goes on the bonfire next guyfawks day or back on ebay once ebaby has out-grown it I don't know yet but I'm sure either way for £2.50 I'm a happy ebayer!

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