Enny bags, purses and wallets

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Enny closed down their factory in Tuscany in 2003. For a number of years this iconic leather bag and purse company had struggled to compete in a market swamped by bags made in the Far East. Their trademark classic envelope flap, many pocketed organiser bags with their wonderful craftsmanship no longer appealed to a younger clientele wanting buckles and charms and the Enny, once described as the "best bag in the world" was out of fashion. So the Company ceased trading in December 2003. Eight years ago I went to Tuscany to visit their factory....a little like finding the Marie Celeste....just abandoned with rolls of leather on the floor and designs scattered on cobwebby tables. Their stock had been bought by T K Maxx and it was from them that I, and several others, sourced our first Enny's to sell on Ebay. 

Ebay continues to be the main source of supply to those loyal to these wonderful bags.  I don't think that anyone sells them other than through Ebay and the other online auction sites. There is no dedicated online shop.  T K Maxx as a source has long since dried up and indeed, most of the shops that might have a few have long since sold them. However, as with everything on Ebay, it is amazing what lurks in wardrobes, drawers, attics and a dwindling supply still comes onto eBay...harder and harder to find a new one......but, of course, part of the fun in trading in them.

Obviously over the course of their thirty or so years trading, styles and materials did change and there are number of different types of Enny on the market.

A quick guide ( and by no means comprehensive guide).. nappa leather, classic envelope flap many compartments, no outside labelling but inner green and white label in front pocket up to about 1985. Very early labelling was a proud rectangular metal plaque on the outside top near a zip.   More styles, introducing suede, mock croc, top zips up to early nineties, label green and white, but now in main compartment, embedded side plaques...this to about 1990. Enny Original / Enny In from about 1990, a few grained leather and plastic linings.(.Enny In, the closest Enny got to buckles and charms.) From about 1996, fewer pockets (though they were still making the classic nappa envelope flap with pockets), but now internal mobile pocket. Some shorter thicker straps....textile bags came in around 2000 and some rather nasty faux leather ones and ones with tassels around 2002. Still trying to appeal to a younger market. It didn't work. Earlier bags tended to be in black (nero) blue (blu marin) brown, grey. The pastel colours were later and bright colours later still. My favourite claret / burgundy ( malva or Bordeaux) didn't appear until the mid nineties....

There are relatively few fake Ennys around. I think in 12 years of trading them, I have found three......all caramel coloured. You can tell instantly they're not the genuine article, the immaculate stitching and symmetry is missing! If you're in doubt check the zips (should be marked Enny), the weight of any fobs, the plaques, the corners ( Enny doesn't stitch the base at the corners where there is wear but further along) and usually 5 hole (very occasionally 3) adjustable. There should be an Enny label, early cloth ones sometimes in front pocket rather than main compartment, later ones on security pocket....a bag without any inner label is a bit suspect.

If you need help and advice, please email me through Ebay ~ I'm not on facebook, so please don't try there!