Evoline Port Pull up Sockets - Electrical Solutions

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Evoline Ports are a great way of getting power to areas in a way which satisfies design, aesthetic and practical requirements.

Simple to fit, with just a 4" (102mm) hole required. They come with a 2m cable and 13 amp plug.

To operate simply press, hold and withdraw the unit from the hidden position to expose the sockets.Plug in your appliance, then return to the closed position leaving a disk that sits flush with the mounted surface.

evoline popup power systems are available in silver, black, chrome, stainless steel and now in colours such as white and red.

See our shop for additional pictures and info, or visit WorkTopPower online for technical information.

One of the big benefits of fitting an evoline socket over installing conventional plug socket is the cost of installation. In theory there is no need to employ an electrician since the unit plugs in to an existing power point, which is best located under the worktop, or whatever place it is being situated.
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