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I,ve had my franking machine for around six months, its great saving money on royal mail prices, and you do save money great loads of it, but be aware of the personalized ad that you can have free of charge on each and ever post item.

When i first ordered my machine i was asked if i would like my own ad  so i could use on my franked mail, obviously at the time I thought  great idea. Six months on i have now taken my add off of the envelopes parcels etc.

I started to notice that quite a few items were being lost in the post, the trickle became a weekly event something before I hadnt really had a lot of problems with far too many for comfort, meaning that I was having to repost a fair few items, basically cancelling out any saving I was making with the franking m/c.

The advert consisted of a nice little fish, as I sell fishing tackle, with the inscription "katch karp pva bait & tackle" underneath. Nice idea, well I thought so at the time but I heave a sneaking suspition that some of the fishing postman might of thought the same as well? It hadnt occurred to me that this simple good idea for advertising would be anything butr just that.

A month later after taking the advert off of my mail items the post is getting to it,s  destination faitly steadily.

touch wood anyway                

please rate me for this review cheers colin 

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