Fake Gucci Jewellery

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Please remember when you look at items for sale that the majority of designer jewellery on ebay is fake - at least 98% of it.  Remember you're purchasing costume jewellery and you won't pay over the odds.

This should come as no surprise to most - regardless if the seller states 100% authentic, silver, designer, serial number, dust bag, contrallto card, whatever - the list is endless - these items are replicas, copies, fakes and should be bought as such.  Enjoy them for the copies they are but make sure you pay appropriately. 

It is a huge business in the far east/Turkey/Greece etc producing not only the jewellery copies but the gucci gift boxes, carrier bags, labels etc to attach to these items and they are quite convincing to the beginner.  But in most cases the jewellery is not even quality silver ! - if the seller is happy to provide designer fakes, they're hardly going to make sure its .925 silver either!  Watch out if you have sensitive skin.  There's also the ethical side of buying fakes e.g. child labour, blackmarket links etc. but it's a personal choice.

I've been lucky enough to buy the real thing from the big stores and I meticulously keep the receipt or gift receipt and all packaging that comes with the jewellery or bags.  Anyone re-selling items they no longer have a desire for on ebay, surely will have this documentation to hand and are willing to provide it if their item is genuine.

Paying £50- £80 for a fake Gucci necklace is silly when an authentic one does cost £300 plus, and there are other web sites honestly selling replicas for £10.  Don't get caught out in the heat of the moment and pay over the odds.

* make sure the item you want to buy exists - its not a brochure photo being used. 

* It it is a private seller with stock of designer jewellery - remember its more likely to be replica - pay accordingly (remember its not likely to be silver either).

* check the feedback of the seller.  Once the goods are in hand - buyers can sense a fake and will say so, even leaving positive feedback - some are quite happy that they have a piece of costume jewellery and why not, if they've paid a £5. 

* Gents - if you have given a fake piece of Gucci to your girl and passed it off as an original - beware.  For example, Gucci has a website - check your ebay purchase at least looks similar to the authentic piece.  Sometimes the gucci stamp is in the wrong place, or in the wrong font.  If it is a necklace the chain could be different or the logo in the wrong place all together. 

Finally, I've actually been in Harvey Nic's when a proud girlfriend has shown her gucci charm bracelet to the counter staff and they've had to break the news that it's a fake - boy was she mad!  Soooo embarassing.  On the flip side, I've been in Louis Vuitton when the lady behind the counter thought I had a fake daimer messenger bag, politely telling me that she didn't think it was real - I nearly took her head off - stuck up ***, I'd bought it in that store!!   Enjoy whatever you buy - you might get a bargain - you always get what you pay for!


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