Fake Mulberry Bags

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Hello There

I hope some of this infromation will be of help.

Mulberry bags are not cheap and we all love a bargin ...true !

No one in there right mind is going to sell a £500 bag buy it now for silly money ...( unless they havent a clue about Mulberry bags)

Mulberry bags do not come with plastic wrapped round the handles or buckles.

Mulberry bags the zips open from right to left.

Serial numbers to watch for on Kensington 026904 & 025869 as far as i am aware this number is on most fake Kensington's

Information on serial numbers from the internet...have a look you may find more !!


Dont use sellers that don't accept Paypal ...your not protected.

If there is an option to pay via paypal and postal payments ...have a look at the postal payments first and get the sellers address ..before you pay via paypal. (you wont get the address if you go straight to paypal ....the police will need all the infromation possible to prove fraud)

Always ask seller a question ..if they dont answer ...leave it alone ...if they wont give you serial numbers ...leave it alone..always ask if they will give a full refund if it is found to be fake if they dont answer... leave it alone!

Try not to buy from sellers that use library pictures ...anyone can capture a picture from a website.

If the sellers is selling lots and lots of Mulberry bags cheap ...more than likely they are fakes.

Click on the feedback number of the seller use the tabs to navigate feedback from sellers and buyers...you will be able to see there buying selling habits.

When you have made your purchase .....ask for a delivery date ...most good sellers will let you know when they are going to post out to you.

If you suspect that a mulberry bag is fake or anything else for that matter ...at the bottom of every item page there is a report this item link ..use it report them ...ebay contact Mulberry Vero person they check it out if it's fake ..ebay remove it ! and usually the seller from ebay ...simple as that.

I have been using eBay for over 5 years now ...been ripped off a few times and all have been caught up with ...if you dont report it they will carrying on ripping buyers off.

If you have been ripped off ...report it to Paypal ...eBay ...and the Police ....It is fraud!!!!!!

The police do take this seriously and have special teams now that just deal with ebay fraud.

I hope this has been of help.


P.S the bags displayed at the side of this guide ...are from other sellers and i dont endorse them or confirm that they are genuinie







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