Fake Nintendo ds lite consoles

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After purchasing four nintendo ds lite consoles for my children's christmas presents off ebay from different parties (China, Hong Kong and the UK), found that they were fakes. I didn't know that you could get fakes and was well upset that they all said that they were originals. On going through different sites looking for how to spot a fake I came across www.chroniclelive.co.uk and found the following information a real help. How to check: * They have a barcode above the serial number - the real ones don't. * Consoles come with plain black/grey adaptors that have not got Nintendo printed on them and have not been tested, which can potentially can cause injury. Real ones are grey, have Nintendo printed on the side (no sticker) and come in the same box as the console, not separate. * Genuine ds box have the logo at the top and wand pointing towards the console. Pictures of these are one the site at chroniclelive. * Fake ones have the writing down the side. * The colour of the fake consoles are not as bright or right shade as the originals. I knew that they were cheaper than the local shops but they were not that much cheaper once you put the postage on. It took a while to get some of my money back, not all, and I have learned my lesson, however, I feel ebay should be making it more difficult for these companies to sell items that are not originals when they are stating that they are.
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