Fake Ralph Lauren Shirts

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Here are seven simple checks to spot a fake Ralph Lauren shirt:

  • First check the label; all RL shirts are 100% cotton, never a poly cotton mix. Does the material feel like a premium American cotton? The wash label is at the front of the shirt below the buttons.
  • How is the fit? All RL shirts are generously cut for a relaxed fit - if the shirt feels rather too close for the size on the label, it's not an RL shirt.
  • All RL shirts have a split rear yoke. Check the back of the shirt - is there a vertical seam from the middle of the collar?
  • Look at the line of the bottom of the shirt; the bottom of RL shirts always curve downwards from the side seams - if you lay the shirt down and the bottom seam is straight, it isn't an RL shirt.
  • At the front of the shirt, follow the buttons down to the bottom; on most RL shirts, the fly [the folded material] is finished with a 1" square of stitching with two diagonals sown within the square.
  • If it's a button down shirt, the button holes for an RL collar should only just be big enough to allow the very small collar buttons to pass through - if the button holes look too big or clumsy, it isn't an RL.
  • Finally, look at the buttons; RL uses premium buttons which are off white and shine like mother of pearl - if they're dull or bright white, it's not an RL shirt.




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