Fake Taylor Made Clubs

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Having recently bought a Tm Superquad tm R7 Irons and Burner Rescue i would just like to add a little bit of what i have learned. First off none of the clubs i bought were fake. Maybe because i'm left handed but also because of a few simple steps.

If you ring Taylormade UK they'll help you via the phone with a few tips on how to spot fakes.

Also as everyone has said serial numbers need to be checked but heres where i came unstuck. First off i got my clubs and stright on the phone to TM uk to check the numbers and my heart sank when the came back as unknown! they guy on the end of the phone was like well it could be one of 4 things to come back as unknown.

1. Fake

2. Stolen, not gone through there warehouse and not registered with them.

3. From the usa, since the serial numbers they check are only from the uk warehouse. So please check with the usa guys aswel as this is where ALL my clubs came up      from.

4. From Asia, again the same with the usa and uk warehouse's check with them too as they might have them on there records.

Just as a little point to us leftys out there the guy from the usa had never seen or heard of fake left handed TM clubs, i'm not saying they don't exist but just saying what he said.

Above all else if it looks too good to be true treat it with caution, i'm not saying don't buy them like most people since i saved over 60% on rrp on the clubs i got and there real.

Hope this helps.

Seifer2486. Happy Ebaying

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