Fake ralph lauren polo shirt custom fit UK

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Recently i had to buy some Ralph Lauren Polo shirts since it's spring and summer is coming. I bought two different shirts on ebay suppposed to be the same but both were different. I decided to go to house of Fraiser to buy a polo shirt for £55.00 which is unheard of since in the states it's $50.00. After comparing I'm writing a guide on how to spot a real polo Ralph Lauren for other frustrated buyers like myself that keep coming coming across fakes.
1. Look at the location of the horse It should be located BELOW the end of the whole button area. Some people write reviews about their fake products to make people think they are original so they will sell. They may tell u that the bottom of the horse is supposed to be in line with the bottom of the button area but it should actually below. This is the easiest way to find out at first glance. You'll notice the made in china ones the horse is located anywhere.
2. The tag says Polo by Ralph Lauren and there is another tag at the bottom under that says custom fit
3. The buttons are mother of pearl and plain.
4. The general quality of the shirts is good and not streatchy like the fakes.
5. It should have a little sticker that has the size in the middle and polo Ralph Lauren as a circle around it.
6. On the inside there is also a tag on the side with the logo at the bottom. Its about the size of a thumb and it gives the washing details.
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