Fitting your own FreeSat satellite dish and box for TV

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Fitting your own FreeSat satellite dish and box for FreeSat and FreeSat HD TV

Fitting your own Satellite dish and box up is actually very simple and you wont have to subscribe to SKY to get it done.

You will need:

  • Satellite Mini dish with arm and single LNB (new is currently about £8 + P&P on eBay)
  • Satellite cable with F connections already fitted (new is currently £4.99 + P&P for 10metres on eBay)
  • Cable clips (very cheap!)
  • Old Sky receiver box or FreeSat box (normal or HD) (price varies depending on what you want - old Sky box second hand £10-£30, FreeSat HD around £50 for a slight second or customer return)
  • Remote control

You may also want to buy:

  • Satellite finder (around £10 on eBay)
  • Higher capacity LNB (price varies but it is cheaper when bought as a package with the mini dish)

Basic Setup

Basically you will be fitting the Dish to your house or pole mount, running the cable from the dish to the desired point and connecting it to your box. The only tricky bit is getting it pointing at the satallite corrently (which if you have trouble with then you can buy the Satellite finder gismo). I wont go through fitting a dish to your wall and how to run the cable as Im sure that is very self explainatry. But here are some points to consider:

When fitting the dish:

  • Check the direction it will need to point - the dish doesnt turn much on the arm so preferably you need a wall facing the right direction (or near enough) to mount the dish on.
  • Make sure you have more cable than what you need - you can always trim some off or coil extra up

Notes on the boxes:

  • You dont HAVE to have a Sky card to view channels - most are available through an old Sky box without any viewing card installed
  • If you do want to buy a Sky card - buy it direct from Sky for £20 so its guarenteed to receive all the FreeSat channels (see my other guide: Get WHITE SKY VIEWING card info free + more channels )
  • You may have to wait a while for the box to update itself when connected (could be 5-10 mins) so leave it connected to the dish and on or in standby and go and make a coffee!
  • Any official Sky remote will work any Sky box
  • You cant use the record function on a SKY+ box without a subscription

Notes on what LNB you need

The LNB is the receiver that sits on the end of the arm on the satellite dish this sends the signal down to each receiver box.

  • If you just want to fit Sky in one room with one box then you just need a single LNB (has one wire connection point)
  • For two room you will need a dual LNB (has two wires coming from dish) these are what the Sky Plus dishes were
  • For upto 4 rooms you can get a Quad LNB which has 4 connections
  • You will need a receiver box in each room you wish to watch it in and will need a wire from the dish to each room.

If you have an existing dish up on your house you may just be able to connect a receiver box to it and watch free to view channels through it. The dishes and LNBs are very rugged and will last for years.

I hope this has been slightly helpful!

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