Fully Fashioned Stockings

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Intoduction: We have been retailing Eleganti Fully Fashioned Stockings for many years.

Since the popularity of Ebay has grown there has been a sharp increase in the number of Incorrectly Advertised Seamed Stockings. Poorly Educated & Dishonest Sellers are trying to pass off  cheap pairs of modern day stockings with an afterseam as proper Fully Fashioned Items.

Please take the time to read the manufacturing process & the key features of a True Fully Fashioned Stocking listed below:

How are Fully Fashioned Stockings made? 
Fully Fashioned stockings are manufactured on original 1950's  Reading machines. These machines are 57 feet long and have to be kept at a constant temperature of 80 degrees during the knitting operation. Each machine has 30 knitting heads that can each produce just 15 pairs of stockings in an hour. This is a very delicate & time consuming process.


The manufacturing process:
Fully Fashioned stockings are knitted in a white yarn, each stocking is then sewn by hand on a machine by experienced seamists. The 'finishing loop' at the top back of the stocking is also a result of the finishing process, and is created because the seaming machinist has to finish the seam by turning  the stocking top (called "the welt") in a circle. Next the stockings are dyed in large vats and dried. Although the stockings are knitted to the shape of a woman's leg, they are also "boarded" - each stocking is put on a dummy of a leg and steamed at a high temperature. This tightens the knit, defines the leg shape and removes creases. Finally each stocking is checked again for quality control, and then matched with a pair of identical size and carefully packed for sale.

Key Features Of A True Fully Fashioned Stocking:

  • 100% Non Stretch Nylon
  • FF Stockings Are Sold In A Size Range (Not 'one size fits all')
  • The Stocking Is Shaped In The Form Of A Leg 
  • The Seam Is An Integral Part Of The Stocking (Not just sewn on top afterwards)
  • At The Top & Bottom Of  The Seam There Will Be 'Tracer Lines' At Each Side  
  • There Will be A Hole In The Welt (Top Of Stocking) Just Above The Seam
  • The Foot, Heel & Toe Sections Will Be Reinforced Using A Thicker Guage Of Nylon    
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