GHD or FHI Hair Straighteners? Which are the Best?

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I am writing this Guide as i see somebody who has wrote a Guide Called 'GHD or SHE' Hair Straighteners & i found it quite useful & i thought i would write a Guide Comparing GHD & FHI Hair Straighteners as i was faced with this decision a while ago & could of done with some help and advice as it would of saved me alot of Money & alot of Stress too!. So i hope this Guide will help others too like me...

A Few years ago i had gone through many a pairs of Hair Straighteners from 'Remmingtoon' to even the latest 'Nicky Clarke' Hair Straighteners costing £80!!! and i found that none of them done the job they were supposed to and straightened my hair & all of them broke within a couple of months & thus costing me a fortune. At the time i wasnt flush with cash but thought if i pay £80 for a pair surely they will be half decent, but they werent they were no better than a £20 pair.

 So i was left in a dilemma (Please Note-i am very Particular with my Hair like most women) as i needed a Hair Straightener that worked & this was costing me a small fortune with these lame, cheap & tacky made ones & they were all decent makes i were buying & some not cheap ie £80 a pair. So at this point i thought there must be a Hair Straightener on the market that DOES Work & WONT Break within a month or two????


Luckily a short while after i bumped into an old friend who was bragging to me about these Hair Straighteners that she had got as a Birthday Present & how good they were but had cost £140!!! They were GHD's. So being short on cash as at this point as i was living alone trying to run a house on my Wage only, as you all probably know is very hard & you dont get many chances to buy luxuries for yourself do you?. I waited a while and then went into my Hair Salon & splashed out £130 on a pair & oh my god they were amazing!!! They actually heated up hot enough to actually straighten my hair & it took me half the time to do my hair too as i onlly had to go over each section of hair once or twice, not ten times!!!! So at this Point,compared to these other Branded hair straighteners i had been using for years,these were by far the best & i felt i was saved from this Hair & Cash dilemma. I also found after wasting also alot of money trying to but cheaper £6 bottles of hair straightening sprays,that this was a false economy too as they didnt work & actually damaged your hair more as they were just like spraying water on your hair & then frying it with the Hair Straighteners. So i had the added benefit of finding the best hair straightening spray too which actually worked, didnt damage my hair & actually i used less of it & it lasted quite a while compared to the cheaper ones so actually didnt work out more expensive although it was £10 a bottle. So now i was Happy!!!

After a Year of using the GHD's i thought they were Great but i started to notice that in damp & wet conditions my hair went Crazy, Frizzy & looked like id been dragged through a Bush Backwards!!! This happened basically all through the winter months & also when it was raining, so at this point i was getting very annoyed as they say with expensive straighteners such as these that your style holds & all that. But No it Doesnt!!!! Everyday i would spend ages in the morning perfecting my hair & as soon as i walked out the front door, id look like id just got out of bed or morelike just got out of a Cardboard like i was a homeless person!!!!

 So i started to think these Straighteners werent actually all they copped out to be & started to notice a few flaws in them, that id never noticed before because the Cheap hair straighteners i were using all this time before were sooo bad that anything was better than them. So at first they were like Heaven using them until i realised actually they werent that good really compared to how much they cost to buy & what they state they do!. I Realised this after having them Two Years & they just Blew up & wouldnt work & yes of course the guarantee was Just out on them too, sods law,eh!!

So now i was on my Usual mission which i found myself on every short while thesedays of having to try & find a decent pair of Hair Straighteners after probably spending not much short of £500 in the Past Three Years trying to find a decent pair!!!

I asked in the Hair Salon i used to go in which were the best Hair Straighteners to buy? as i thought if anybody knows the best ones to buy itll be hairdressers & they told me they didnt use GHD's which i thought was odd as everybody i asked had said they were the best & so did all the magazines & beauty adds etc that i had read ,but i knew they obviously were Not & by the sounds of it they knew that too!

So i asked them what they used & they said 'we use FHI's' which are just the same as GHD's a very Popular Proffessional Salon Make, but they said they are slightly cheaper than GHD's & heat up alot hotter than the GHD's do as they reach temperatures of 232oc wheras GHD's only reach 180-200oc. FHI's will hold your style better as they heat up alot Hotter & effectively and if you use them properly they will actually damage your hair less than the GHD's as they will Straighten your hair properly on the first Glide so you wont have to go over each Section 2 or 3 times like you will if you uise GHD's & unlike GHD's where they only have a 2 year guarantee & like in my instance sods law they will always go wrong just after the Guarantee runs out. FHI's have a very very long Guarantee (i cant remember how long it was now,but i will find out & add it in to this guide shortly) & i was told if anything ever goes wrong with my FHI's then i just have to take them back to the Salon, they will give me a Brand New Replacement Pair & then they will deal with the Faulty Pair. Which i thought was excellent. So if they ever go wrong i just get another pair free of charge so im not left out of pocket or having to search yet again for another pair of Straighteners. So at a Snip of the GHD's Price of £120, i bought the FHI's for £79.99.

When i Got Home & tried the FHI's as i had just recently been using the GHD's, i actually found them Ten times BETTER than the GHD's they actually straightened my Hair so quickly & my Hair was Poker Straight like Glass, my Hair was more Shiny & Now after Two years of using my Trusty Pink FHI's which onlly Cost me £79.99 , they havent Broke which is a Bonus Unlike All my other Pairs of Straighteners and GHD's (even though i Admit to Dropping them on my Hard Wood Bedroom Floor Hundreds of Times!!!), they actually take me alot less time to Straighten my Hair then the GHD's, and my Hair is in Such Better Condition Now i am not going over my Hair a few times like i was when i was using my GHD's or having to Straighten my Hair up to three times a day in bad weather like i had to with my GHD's as my Style Wouldnt Hold. Although my Hair does tend to go a bit wayward if in Very Damp or Wet Conditions, i Honestly think there is NO Hair Styling Product on the Market that can prevent This ,but there are Hair Products & Styling tools that can Reduce this & i found FHI's definately helped to Stop this unlike the GHD's  which didnt.

So i am still using my Excellent FHI Hair Straighteners over 2 years later & they have saved me hundreds of pounds & not packed up (yet!!!, watch they will now ive tempted fate!!!) & of course i am still using the Brilliant GHD Hair Straightening Protection Spray which helps protect my Hair from Heat styling & helps to condition it. But in all Honesty after my Fiasco with this Hair Straightener Business my Conclusion is that GHD's arent Bad, they are very good compared to the cheap Brands but for the money you pay for them there are far better ones on the market & if you look on ebay at the number of people selling GHD's that have broke like mine i personally would say that says it all!!! And i Personally would say FHI's are far much Better, cheaper & have an excellent better than any other Product ive ever seen Guarantee with them.

 So the Final Conclusion has to be That...

FHI's Hair Straighteners are By Far Better Than GHD's. & There Far Better Value for Money Too!


Also i would say if you look on ebay you will get a pair at a proper bargain Price too,as id never go back to using anything else again!

I hope my Review has Helped anybody who is in the Dilemma i have been in a while ago & PLEASE DONT FORGET TO VOTE AS ID LOVE TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE FOUND THIS GUIDE HELPED & WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF IT TOO!!!

Regards Amy aka (Madfoxy)

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