German Nazi Gold Coins

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I collect German Coins for abt. 30 years now and I never in all my life came across a GOLD Nazi Coin. Just think of it clearly: The Nazi-Reichsmarks has never been a free exchangable value, to my knowledge the pr

iovate buying of foreign monies was striktly restrikted to amounts beyond belief. So what for should they have minted out Pfennig-coins in either gilted or even Gold? Have you all forgotten, that Hitler paid for the rearmament of Germany with the values and Gold bullion he had stolen from the Jews? Nazi Germany had other use for Gold than plain circulation of show-coins.

And one last thing to collectors all over the world: Buy a truly good reference book and believe only what the experts say. It saves your money, you know. A bit of knowledge of European History of the Period in question is useful, too.

Good luck to all of you and stay clear of fake Nazi Gold.

Truly yours



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