Giant Tumble Tower Games

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Giant Tumble Tower Games.

Giant Tumble tower is becoming a popular family party game.  It can be played indoors or outdoors at your BBQ, in good weather.  It’s often used at Weddings or Events to entertain guests and is a best seller at Christmas!

If you are thinking of buying or hiring one here some information that you might find useful.

There are many different Tower Games available on the Market at the moment, but what’s the difference?
Well, apart from the size, the main difference is the block length.  The first Giant tower games were made with square blocks, these stack together on top of each other without any gaps between the wood, just like the original tabletop Jenga game.  Then along came a different version of the Tower game, with longer blocks.  As you build the tower, you leave a gap between the blocks, just enough room to get you hand or fingers in to remove the blocks.  This makes the game easier to play, especially for children.  As you remove the blocks, it’s not as wobbly because it as a bigger more secure base, so in theory it should be easier to build higher before it tumbles.

Which is the best?
Well this all depends on your preference.  Most the games have the exact same number of blocks, but the larger games have bigger thicker blocks that allows them to build higher in play.  It’s also important to look out for CE marks and don’t be tempted to buy a homemade version as the wood could be rough at the edges and splintered.

What should I look for when buying?
Apart from the price, the block size is important, and the quality.  More expensive games will be made from better wood, probably from FSC renewable sources.  Cheaper game will be made of lighter wood and may have small hairline cracks.  This is not too important when you consider the game is made to fall over many times in play and is often used outdoors too, so it all depends on your preference but as a rule, smaller is best for Children, so if you are using a large heavy tower for children to play with, only give them half the bricks.  This way there is less to fall.

Do I need a storage box or bag?
No, not really.  Most game come in a normal cardboard box and this should be adequate for storage.  If you do want a canvas bag or holdall, have a look around, there are several towers than do come with these and the bags are very useful, not just for storage but also to carry the game around in.  I would advise against the wooden storage box, this is large, heavy and expensive but at the end of the day, it all depends on you and how much you wish to spend.

Safety First!
Always supervise children in play.  All players should wear shoes and stand upright when playing.  Only one person should be stood at the tower when it’s their turn to play and remember, the tower will fall at some point, so make sure fingers and toes are out the way. 

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