Gillette Fusion (or any other model) blades! Watch out!

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Hi all,

There are a few guides/woes about fake Gillette products but this one is really about the Fusion/Fusion Power blades...

I'm sure all the chaps are aware there are a number of auctions/sales for Gillette blades on ebay - various models, Mach3, Fusion, Fusion power etc. I recently purchased some Fusion Power blades from a UK based seller and was disappointed to say the least.

Why? Gillette are a great make and I got them cheaper here than in Asda, Boots, Tescos etc etc.. so why complain or write this guide?

Didn't the seller send them or, did they take a long time, or were the good damaged? Nope, the seller was great from those points of view, can't fault their service at all. So why am I here typing away like a madman verging on a Bill Hicks style rant then? I'll tell you why...

There have been alot of guides on the US and on the site and the most eye opening one is fakeblades dot wordpress dot com (previously known as www dot fakeblades dot com). Check out the "Gillette Fusion Power cartridge comparison to a Countefeit" page. Wow. I didn't know about the serial numbers, nor did I think to ask the seller about where the blades came from, if they were rejects, seconds, etc.

Interesting update - check the "Do Gillette Fusion cartridges have serial numbers?" link as well...

The blades I bought had NO serial numbers, and I should have guessed when I used the first one and yelped in pain... It hurt, I mean HURT and I felt like I was back in school shaving for the first time with one of the nasty old Bic razors circa 1980 something... I couldnt think why this is, these are Gillette after all... This was using a quality King Of Shaves shaving gel (and the new serum which is awesome by the way!) and this is definitely not the culprit!

But, as usual, the old adage "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is..." comes into it. Yes yes I've seen watchdog, buyer beware and so on, and still I fell for the old "too good to be true but get it anyway, its cheeeep!". I thought , I don't like spending £10 on 4 blades when I could get double that here and cheaper so why should I go to Asda, Boots, Tescos etc? Well, I like keeping the skin on my face in one piece, that's why.

Please have a read of the rest of the fakeblades website, and have a think before being tempted by 8 more replacement blades for £5 or however much they are... Save yourself alot of pain (literally!!!) and buy them from Asda, Boots, Tescos etc - use your clubcard vouchers instead!

If you are tempted by one of these auctions, ask them where the blades came from, if they have opened a sample and what the serial numbers are. If they refuse or don't answer, don't buy. Period, keep walking.

I also acknowlegde there are alot of sellers who sell proper, store quality blades and this should not discourage you from checking their shops, auctions etc. I invite any sellers to reply and boast they have store quality products, all the better! :-)

Gillete Fusion/Fusion Power blades aren't the cheapest to buy in the shops, but hell, it's worth the extra quids to literally save face!

Hope this helps someone who has razor burns where there were none before... :)




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