Guide on Kurt Geiger Range Shoes

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Carvela Shoes

When buying Carvela or KG shoes (which I have been dealing in for approx. 2 years) they come in varying fits.

If you have wide feet then Carvela shoes are not for you as they do tend to be made narrower, the exceptions are flats/sandals which are made to a standard width size.

If you are a half size- like myself- then buy the next size up as they do tend to be small in size. Kurt Geiger shoes tend to be a truer size--whether that is the designs under KG, i'm not quite sure but Carvela designs tend to be more fitted in nature. 

If you are buying for quality both are superior in texture, materials and finishes. But in my opinion Carvela tends to be a higher all round quality than KG shoes.

Carvela designs are aimed at the 30-40+ years age group. Whereas, Miss KG & KG are aimed at the 18-30 age group, so that can help you decide which designs will best suit your wardrobe and lifestyle.

If you are buying for iconic designs that will last a number of seasons then buy Carvela as they tend to stay  fashionable for longer.

I you prefer one off boutique designs that change each season then KG is for you, but comes with a price tag!

In the KG group, there is now Dune shoes &Nine West-(similar to KG in styles) which is good news if you are on a budget like most of us! So give them a look too as they are just as gr8 quality with the Dune having the razzle dazzle boutique styling & Nine West being a 'poor man's KG ' alternative.

P.S. One thing is for sure, no matter which you prefer to buy (which are all designed by Kurt Geiger & his teams) these shoes will be admired and definately noticed by jealous friends and colleagues alike!!)

Please save me as a seller as I list new exciting designs daily, incliuding Carvela, KG, Dune, Nine West, Faith, Steve Madden plus various high end designer shoes inc. Armani and many more.

I ship to Europe/EU.

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