Guide to Buying Football Shirts on Ebay from Abroad

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I have recently been buying football shirts on Ebay because of the World Cup. I initially just wanted one for myself but as other people wanted them I bought more and have realised there are a couple of things you need to know. Below I have written down what you need to look out for when buying shirts from abroad like Thailand. There are true bargains to be bought but only if you know what your doing. Thankfully someone like me has been through it and can now let you know what to watch out for.

Buying from Abroad

I started buying from Thailand because they had all the latest football shirts with name and numbers at very low prices. The best seller are the ones with Ebay shops who have high feedbacks and receive nearly 5-10 feedbacks daily. Also before bidding check their feedback and see how many people have left negative recently. Some sellers because they sell so many shirts forget to send shirts out to people or send out the wrong orders. These sellers can still be used and are trustworthy most of the time but I wouldn't recommend them becuase its a hassle waiting so long and not receiving shirt or getting the wrong size, name or shirt.

Delivery Time

Also when checking feedback check a couple of the feedbacks date when they were left and then click on the item numbers and check when they were bought. This will give you a rough idea on how long the seler takes to deliver items. Check at least 5 to give you a fair idea because people can leave feedback a long time after receiving items but usualy people leave feedback straightaway.

Square Trade

I have bought shirts from many sellers in Thailand and have realised the best ones are the ones who are square trade members. Sellers who I bought shirts from would never reply to emails and would never let you know what was going on. However squaretrade members answer all queries and email you numerous times to let you know more about your transaction.

For example they email you when you win the item and thank you for your custom also when you have paid and they let you know exaclty what you've ordered so theirs no confusion. Also the day your item is shipped they let you know. Their shirts arrive between 7-10 days and that is fast from Thailand. My personal favourite seller is zetasell. He has never let me down, has always kept up communication, delivers fast and is honest. I have tried many and they don't come close to this seller.

Beware of Some Sellers

Sellers that have just started and and have low feedback avoid. I made the mistake of buying from one named Aylingear. Check his feedback out. He is now no longer a registered member, I wonder why?! He started by buying about 10 ebooks to boost his feedback then put on about 200 shirt to sell. Saying with each that he had either m or xl available.

Also is you were bidding on a shirt and the picture showed for example a France Home Kit with the name Henry and number 12 on it. The auction would give you alternative names like Zidane, Ribery, Cantona or your own name instead of the one on the shirt. This really is too good to be true. And emember the general rule, 'if it looks too good to be true it probably is'.

General Tips

Make sure when buying that you have bought the right size shirt as M or XL is very vague. Look at the inches and check a shirt of your own. Some sellers have 38 inch chest as a medium while other have up to 42 inches as medium.

Also when paying through paypal there is a little box for you to leave a comment to the seller. Make sure you write in there that the seller should send you exactly what you order right down to right name and number on the shirt as well as size. Also write if the seler runs out of the shirt that has been won buy you the buyer (this often happens) then a full refund should be given and no alternative size or shirt should be sent. et your money back and buy from another seller.

One seller I bought six shirts from and two of the medium shirts he sent me in xlarge. He wrote sorry ran out of medium on the parcel. I sent him around 15-20 emails saying these shirts were no good to me and I asked him what he was going to do to sort the situation. No reply from him, so make sure you tell them.


Now the big question how can these latest world cup and domestic football jerseys be so cheap. I asked ne seller if these shirts were authentic and if they were why were they so cheap. The reply came that for example Nike order 1000 shirts to be made, the factories make 1500 so to pass through quality control. These are the 500 shirts that don't make it and therefore are sold cheaply buy these sellers. I have to admit when i receive the shirt they have everything on them.

The correct material, stitched badges, correct material lettering and numbering as well as being official, Also holograms and other little tags like climacool and nike drifit. Also on the inside where the tag is printed it has that. The tags are correct with each shirt. Some shirts even have the world cup logo on the arm in a circle. One thing is missing that I have noticed. That is on the inside where the washing care label is, there is always a sign there as well. For example a nike shirt would have nike on this washing care label as well. Some shirts don't have these. Although I have seen some shirts introduce this. It is because of this that I personally think that these shirts are in fact fake. However you cannot tell at all.

The rest is up to you to decide to buy the item because they may in fact be real like that seller told me. I hope this guide helps you in making the right decisions when buying a football shirt from abrad like Thailand in the future. Thank You

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