Guide to buying and sourcing wholesale stock for eBay

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Hi all and welcome to my guide of wholesale

Please read the whole guide as you will find what you are looking for here


The reason I am writing this is to help you all save time as I have spent many many days and weeks trying to find wholesalers. I was going to bullet point this but have decided that all the guides are like that and do not give any information at all. So this guide will tell everything. It will be as transparent as Gorden Brown emm no I will change that to Glass as we all know Gorden.

Let’s start at the beginning.
As you will know eBay has many opportunities to make extra money or run an online full time business and this is true as there are millions of people on here doing so but this guide does not just relate to eBay this is for everyone out there looking to buy wholesale stock. You will spend or will have spent hours trawling the internet trying to find stock and you will have found many websites and will have found the product line you want to sell, you will have copied and pasted it into eBay and found your item is on there at half the price scratching your head you think how can that be. well the answer to this is you cannot just go onto Google at 8pm type in something you want to sell on eBay and by 9pm be selling and making a profit cos we will all be at it. There are many many very intelligent business people who have been to the best universities money can buy selling on eBay and they have found all these 10 years ago.

One way to find the items you need is to source it from the manufacturers which will mean most of the time buying from China as they are the worlds biggest producer of everything.

Now for the China thing.

China is the worlds leader in manufacturing everything from socks to new brains (well new brains I am sure will be out soon but the scammers will take your pre-order today) The websites you will come across will be tradekey, chinawholesale, globlesource and the other 10,000 that I will not list. (Note I have no dealings with these sites but I need to reference something for people like me to look at it's not hard just type wholesale in Google. I am not promoting anything here.) If you find anything you like here let me give you some tips that will save your money, marriage and home. I deal with China and you will not believe how many scammers there are out there so before you loose everything read this. I'll bullet point this for easy reference.

* DO NOT send money to a private account number ever not even for a sample always ask for the company account.
* Before sending any money By wire transfer ring your bank and ask them how you are covered if the money goes missing or you don't receive your items.
*Use PayPal but check to see what cover you will get.
*If you are buying from an online wholesaler ring them and ask them to give you conformation of the supplier in writing
*Research research research the company
*my tip is contact the China wholesaler by SKYPE its FREE and have them send you photo's and have a good chat to them because instinct is best.
*Before you buy anything get a sample and have it checked. If its electrical have it checked by a professional and take it to a shop were they sell the item and stand them side by side to compare quality. Check all instructions for ease of use and the spelling (no comment on mine please LOL). For clothing the same counts check the stitching and the label for counterfeit as it will be you getting done not them also take it to a shop and com pare it with others.
Allot of the Chinese goods are fake not all but some so be careful the last thing you want is to find yourself behind bars. There are allot of very very good wholesalers in China as nearly everything in the world comes out of there but just be aware.
Store returns.

I like this but you have to have the stomach for this as you will not always get what you think. I have had good and very bad lots from many suppliers so research what you are getting if it is untested  get a full break down of every item and be prepared for it all to be faulty. This has never been the case for me it’s around 55%. It sounds a good idea but you have to test every item that means unpacking it plugging it in (without getting blown up) checking all the features and then repacking it. It does take a lot of time you can only manage around 10 a day because you spend the rest of the day packing and mailing the items you have sold. The margins are quite tight.
You can find these wholesalers on line very easy and some will let you have a look before buying but you will find your best business doing large markets as I found out I earned 150 times more on markets because there is little competition and you sell in masses when you have been there for a month and got to be known by the locals. I will not mention were to buy but you know what to do.

Finding what is not there.

You will not find suppliers just by goggling "wholesalers" I say you but you may be the lucky one and find one but when you are tied after a month or two read on.
When the big boss of product sourcing man from Tesco’s says to his mini men "FIND ME SOME NEW STUFF TO SELL." do you think they go to there laptops and Google wholesalers no they get on there PHONES that is TELEPHONE the thing you talk into.
You are asking who they are ringing well let me tell you how it’s done in the real world.

Step one is to go to a shop were they sell the items you are looking to sell, have a walk around the store and what you are looking for is any signs of brown cardboard boxes if you see one take a photo with your phone or write down what it says on the side this is the information which will make you rich. If you can't find any then the investigation work starts. Go home fill a flask and make some sandwiches don't forget some sweats as well you may be there a while. The most important thing is a very good quality camera not a cheap point and soot borrow a digital slr. And drive to the shop's car park near the delivery doors and wait and wait and wait it may be a few hours or a few days (you can go home when the shop closes if you want lol) when the delivery truck arrives this is your moment get out and take as many photo's as you can of what is coming off the truck. There is no law i know of to stop you doing this so get right in. You are looking for the name and address of there supplier which is always on the boxes.
Now we have this information get home as quick as you can (Try to miss any pedestrians) Google the name and address and you will get one of two things. A website you will have never found in your life or a phone number. Now your time has come to contact them and start the ball rolling. I found PMS like this and they are fantastic (I do not work for them of have anything to do with them but again we need references for people as I am writing a guide to help people to find wholesalers not just another guide with no substance.)

Now you know I am not joking as you will have read the last paragraph and done your research enjoy
Thanks for reading and all the best for you all in the future you now have the key for.