Guide to traditional Thai Bed or Mon Khwan (Axe bed)

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  1. The Traditional Thai bed or Mon Khwan is a piece of furniture very common to Thai homes. They are practical  where space is often at a premium. They suit the Thai style and are used at floor level as a general purpose bed or recliner. Pillows and cushions come in all shapes and sizes in Thai homes but the Mon Khwan is shaped resembling an Axe, hence it`s Thai name. There are varying sizes of Mon Khwan, the popular ones include1,2 or 3 sections of  mattress attached to a Pyramid pillow. Buddhist monks even have them in their Temples. Each Thai Bed is made up of sections of cotton kapok covered with Thai Ethnic textile. They are often colourful additions to UK homes. The Mon Khwan has found many and diverse uses here in the UK and these include general household recliner for relaxation, guest bed,garden, patio and conservatory bed also for camping. They are also sought after by Yoga Practitioners, massage therapists and Body workers.Naturalflow Fair Trade Shop

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